Ibiza interview: Toni Guasch, My Home Ibiza

My Home Ibiza, Toni Guasch

Photography by Annie Peel

With 10 years experience in construction, a background in business studies and banking plus the insider’s knowledge that comes from being born and bred here in Ibiza, it’s no surprise that Toni Guasch – the brains behind My Home Ibiza – is the on-island go-to-guy for those looking for someone to maintain their property, or supervise the construction, planning and redevelopments. We caught up with Toni to get a local’s perspective on the transition from summer to winter on the island and more…

Does being Ibicenco give you an advantage in getting clients to entrust their homes and projects to you?
For someone from England or Germany, it’s useful to have someone who knows all the tricks, to help you get permits or buy a car. Then it’s easy, but it can be a nightmare for someone who doesn’t know – Ibiza works in a totally different way. This helped a lot with Aura

Tell us about your involvement with Aura?
It started about four years ago, when Clare [Bloomer, interior designer and Toni’s partner] was working on the project as interior designer and I worked on the construction side. That was a big facelift, but this winter we actually went through the heart of it all, changed all the electrics, plumbing, kitchens, toilets, exterior. We did it in three months and it was very challenging, but the job was done properly. I’m proud of it and I think we’ll be enjoying that place for many years now.

Is it difficult working with your partner on such a big project?
Actually, as a team, it works really well. I’m very practical and Clare sees things in a design way. There’s always a point in the middle where we ultimately agree on how to do things. It’s challenging to work and live together when you’re working on a big project like Aura – it’s difficult to take time away without talking about work. Unless we just pack up everything on a Sunday and take off on our own…

Where do you like to go on the island, any favourite beaches?
It depends on what you’re looking for. As a family, I’d go north to places like Cala Xarraca, Es Xuclar and Portinatx. I also like Cala Conte, Cala D’Hort, and at Salinas, I like going to Jockey Club with friends.

What about restaurants? Any more tips?
Balansat in San Miguel is great for fish; it’s done simply on the grill – so fresh you don’t need to do much to it. I love Dalt Vila, it’s one of the nicest settings in Ibiza; La Bodega for tapas and restaurants in the plaza like El Olivo and La Oliva. Then there’s Balafia and La Paloma…

What’s your favourite time of year in Ibiza?
September. It’s not as hot and busy as July and August. There’s a really nice ambience. It’s perfect weather to go to the beach; the water is the perfect temperature to swim in. The light in September is very nice too. It’s also the time when you start to plan your winter, and think about what is coming next…

How do you find that extreme transition from summer to winter in Ibiza?
I adapt easily. For me, because I’m from the island, it’s quite natural but I have seen for other people, that winter can be hard. It’s a very big contrast but I’m used to it. Actually, winter is quite busy for me and summer is not, so there’s a good balance in there.