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Next level lash affair

One of the island’s top eyelash extension specialists, Jayne Brami from Lash by Jayne, is more lash obsessed than ever before and has taken her love affair with voluminous,...

One of the island’s top eyelash extension specialists, Jayne Brami from Lash by Jayne, is more lash obsessed than ever before and has taken her love affair with voluminous, fluttery and ultra-sexy lashes to the next level for her clients.

Jayne is ready to perfect your peepers with a revolutionary new technique that promises an ultra-lush line of fluffy, soft lashes plus she uses her brand new product line created and designed by the lash aficionado herself. With the festive season, winter weddings and New Year’s Eve upon us – it’s the perfect time to ramp up those lashes with some extension love. Since 2009 Jayne has used high-end One-by-One Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions to achieve spectacular results, removing the need for falsies and mascara altogether, yet felt certain client’s lash potential were limited due to the number of natural lashes present. After all, you can only work with what you’ve got right? Wrong. Introducing Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, an innovative technique that allows up to eight individual feather-light lashes to be applied to one natural lash.

Ideal for women with sparse lash lines, or for the true lash addict that craves super volume – the expert finish is a much softer, precise and multidimensional look, perfect for the everyday or special events and occasions. The application can take up to one and a half hours, and your look is completely customisable. With Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, you can choose a specific curl, length or how voluminous or natural you want the look to be – or you can leave it up to expert Jayne and her nine years of professional experience to create a totally bespoke look, individual to you. Another bonus to this all new lash system is their tremendously light weight, one set is known to last much longer than the classic style, with touch ups recommended once a month. To add to Jayne’s repertoire is her new line of five-star professional products, available online and to lash artists worldwide. After nine years in the business, Jayne felt the products available around her did not reach her high standard of quality and set out to design her own.

Today she produces her own range of deluxe lashes, EU certified adhesive and accessories. Features of the collection include the Premium Velvet Russian Lashes where up to eight lashes are equal to or lighter than one semi-permanent in weight and are oh-so-luxuriously soft. Her specially designed adhesive is FDA approved, professional grade and produced in the EU plus her new oil free Lash Maximiser is perfect to promote the appearance of beautiful lashes naturally. By using the serum along the lash line daily, the potent blend of unique ingredients condition, moisturise and strengthen resulting in longer, darker, and fuller lashes in just two weeks. And that’s not all! The advanced lash artist and product manufacturer is now offering one on one training courses to learn the basic and advanced skills of individual semi-permanent lashes and Russian Volume Lashes to those interested in getting into the industry or for those wishing to advance their technique. Jayne resides on the island year round and is available to perfect your lashes out of her San Jordi studio.