White Ibiza Boutique: Miss W’s summer favourites – shop the look!


One of the best things about styling for an Ibiza fashion boutique is that you get to spend lots of time playing with pretty things. On the clock (shhh! That’s my secret). But an occupational hazard that comes with styling for an Ibiza fashion boutique is that you are constantly falling in love… with this bikini, with that necklace, with those dresses and that hat! Oh – and the rings, the headpieces, the handbags and basically anything that comes in the colour leopard.

All of a sudden, that quick ‘trying on’ session in the stock room has turned into a full-on bout of retail therapy… all without leaving your own office*! But each new ‘investment’ has a story to go with it… read on if you’d like to indulge me… or simply click the pics to shop online yourself!

Dancing-Leopard-01_01-400x400Dancing Leopard Genie Jumpsuit.

This was the culprit. The piece that started the ball rolling. Now it’s the one item in my wardrobe I basically consider my uniform, as I have three of them and alternate colours every single day. I just wanted to see how they fit. I couldn’t imagine myself in an Aladdin style pantsuit for anyone… oooh, well what do you know? They are super flattering, ultra cool and comfy and you can wear them absolutely anywhere.

WhiteIbiza_04_2-230x230White Ibiza Ibicenco Basket.

There was one day when I’d accumulated quite a few things over the course of the work day… you know, a jumpsuit here and a box of multivitamins there, plus I had my iPad, my wallet and my sunglasses to contend with… and wouldn’t you know it, the Ibiza girl’s go-to-basket just jumped RIGHT ON MY DESK and begged to help me manage my posessions. I couldn’t really say no now, could I?

Victoria_Bikini_03_1-230x230Victoria Ibiza Frilly Bikini

Now it just so happens, that our lovely White Ibiza HQ are located just a five-minute drive from Salinas beach. While you’d think this means lunchtime swimming and sunbathing are obligatory, the truth is, we’re too busy to fight the hordes of cars in the car park and trek all the way down to the sand… but there was one day when I couldn’t resist joining some visiting friends at Sa Trinxa and I’d forgotten to pack a bikini. Here’s one I prepared earlier!

TANIT JEANS_Shorts1_1-230x230Tanit Jeans Short Ana Denim

Once upon a time, I was wearing the most beautiful white crocheted shorts to work. Of course, it was the same day I decided to devour the previous night’s leftovers for lunch – a gloopy, red spaghetti Bolognese. As delicious as it was, I definitely preferred the way it looked on my plate to the way it looked on my shorts. Luckily for me, this cute little pair of Daisy Dukes just so happened to be in my size… and a girl can never have too much denim, can she?

Spiritual Gypsy_Necklace 7_01-230x230Spiritual Gypsy Peace Affirmation Pendant

This could have ended badly for me. I was simply trying it on to see exactly where the pendant fell on the neck, so I could write the description for the shop. Then when I came back from the bathroom mirror, I forgot to take it off, and ended taking it home with me, where it looked right at home amongst all my other pretty things. It could have looked like a case of out and out theft, but, they say honesty is the best policy, and I did own up to it in the end… and yes of course, I had to pay for it!

Boheme_2-01-230x230Boheme Leopard Kaftan

Everyone knows leopard is my favourite colour – yes, you heard me right – so when Boheme designer Charlotte Kennedy came into our office to present her new collection, I almost ripped this soft, silky kaftan out of her hands as she was laying it out on the table. It had to be mine. I was counting down the minutes until she left the office so I could swathe myself in it – even if it did look ridiculous over my regulation genie jumpsuit. I love it so much I may just buy another one… in case of emergency!

WhiteIbiza_01_1-230x230White Ibiza Cowboy Hat

I never saw myself as a cowboy hat kind of girl. I always thought it was a bit of a cliché. But then I styled a shoot at the famous Las Dalias Hippy Market, where I thought the hat would suit the shot and the model – and it did – and then when the sun got so high I the sky my nose started to get burnt, I simply got it out of the kit and popped it on my head out of neccessity. And lo and behold, didn’t I feel like the ultimate Ibiza chick? Now I don’t leave home without it…

SiennaBloom_09_1-230x230Sienna Bloom Lalita Necklace

It was just staring at me all day long. No matter which way I looked, this necklace popped into my line of sight. It was like it was trying to tell me something… trying to catch my attention. Maybe it’s because I am like a magpie, and I’m always drawn to red accessories. Maybe it’s because the Hand of Fatima is a universal sign of protection and I was having one of those particularly crappy days. I couldn’t just leave her there alone – I had to have her! Whatever the reason, we are now happily united.

Aquamarine_02_1-230x230Aquamarine Atamarie Kaftan

An Ibiza girl can never have too many kaftans. Really. I have at least 12, and obviously the minute I saw this amazing ombre creation I knew that number 13 would not be unlucky for me! I pictured myself floating from the yacht to the restaurant in Formentera. I saw myself gliding over the deck at El Chiringuito for lazy lunches. I imagined some dancing in the sand at BEACHOUSE Ibiza on a Sunday night, and I thought it was the perfect lightweight piece to throw on over a bikini after a yoga session. Realistically? I’ve worn it around the house and at my desk… but gosh I feel like a princess when I’m in it!

Islandbracelets_11_01-230x230Island Bracelets

I truly believe that no Ibiza girl worth her Salinas salt should leave the house without one (or three) of these little beauties adorning her wrist. When I first spotted them, I thought they would make nice little presents for my Ibiza-loving friends in other countries… but every time I went to wrap them up, I somehow found myself wrapping them around my wrist instead. Until I had a very beautiful collection of three different sizes, three different colours that looked so good together I decided to never ever take them off again!

*You too can have a bout of retail therapy without leaving your office, as the White Ibiza Boutique is online, shipping everywhere in the world! I promise I won’t try it before you buy it… honestly.