Are tattoos the latest Ibiza fashion accessory? 01/09/08

You know, Miss W considers people watching part of her job – as long as she resists the urge to stare of course – and as today marks the official start of autumn, I thought I would have a look around to check out what we had in store fashion-wise for the changing of the season.

Though I must admit, here in Ibiza it is still definitely feeling like summer is in full swing, with temperatures soaring at over 31 degrees each day, the beach still being one of our prime daily destinations and party-wear still consisting of nothing more than a little frock!

So as I began to meander up and down Vara De Rey, traipsing along Isador Macabich and snaking my way through the old town’s plethora of fashion stores, I couldn’t help but notice the stylish people on parade as much as the changing window displays of the stores – September has arrived and with it, the usual bunch of clued-up, fashion-conscious and ultra-cool holiday makers.

The one thing that caught my eye however – considering that there is still a considerable amount of tanned flesh on display given the steamy weather – is that everyone who’s anyone on this island (and even those who aren’t!) seem to be sporting some very amazing tattoos. From beautifully scripted words, in Spanish, Italian, English and even Latin, showing off the multi-cultural nature of our beautiful island’s inhabitants to gorgeously kitsch pictures of cats, fairies and butterflies and amazing dragons, coats of arms and the most incredibly detailed portrait work, I couldn’t help but wonder when did tattoos become the latest must-have fashion accessory? Did Miss W miss the Vogue bulletin declaring it so, or am I just hanging out in the wrong places?

After asking around (and purchasing the latest edition of UK Vogue, who even included an article on supermodel’s tattoos), it became clear that the trend is indeed in full swing, with Ibiza being the epicentre of cool when it comes to showing off your latest holiday souvenir. The only problem is, after you’ve gotten your very own, you need to wait at least seven days before swimming in the sea, going in the sun or showing it off in public, in order to avoid it getting bumped around, dirty or infected, making it pretty difficult to make the most of the Ibiza lifestyle if you ask me.

Which leaves Miss W to put off getting her very own tattoo for at least another month or maybe even another season – it’s not really your typical impulse buy after all! Plus I couldn’t bear to miss a day of swimming in the gorgeous Med waters when we’re blessed with a climate like this!


THE GOOD: In Ibiza’s very open-minded environment, tattoos are not only accepted but encouraged – just take a closer look at your bank manager, shop keeper, doorman, neighbour. Thankfully on the island, personal preferences such as body art won’t stop you from getting the right job, getting into the right party or making friends with the right people. In fact, it’s a great conversation starter!

THE BAD: Girls with too many tattoos – call me old-fashioned but I think it’s sexy to have just a few select pieces, or one statement piece that can be shown off sexily with the right outfit. Sleeve tattoos just don’t seem to have the same striking effect on a woman as they do a hunky man!

THE GOSSIP: Miss W happened to be having a drink in a very low-key yet über-cool establishment last week when she overheard a conversation between Neil Ahern of Inkadelic – Ibiza’s tattoo artist de jour – and a friend. While I’m not normally one for repeating gossip (ahem!) this titbit was just a little too good to keep to myself. It seems none other than Ms Dannii Minogue, who was in town for a break from her busy schedule last week, went to Inkadelic with the hopes of getting her very own piece of body art. What she didn’t count on however, was that Neil – the creator and designer of many a custom piece of artwork – doesn’t accept walk-ins and prefers to work on his own designs, not small, stock-standard pieces such as Japanese symbols. So much was her surprise when he refused her request, that she reminded him of who she was. Neil’s response? ‘I’ve refused Kate and Naomi in the past – who do you think you are?’ It’s good to see integrity is alive and kicking in his profession!