Urban in Ibiza at Atzaro: 12.08.10

Photography by Federico Capoano

It was around this time last year that Miss W discovered her inner art critic, falling in love with urban art after receiving a brief education at the first Urban In Ibiza exhibition at Atzaro. So I was more than excited to head back for the second installment tonight, an event that promised to be even bigger and better than the last.

It seemed I wasn’t the only one with such a plan, as an overflowing car park and hordes of traffic greeted us at the entry to Atzaro just after sunset, so we quickly scooted inside, with the intention of snapping up a modern masterpiece to take pride of place in my bare walled apartment!

We shimmied down a red carpet, past some live graffiti work happening on what was once a lovely, clean white car, past a couple of models having lettering painted all over their backs, past the restaurant, past a very busy bar, past a DJ spinning party tunes and past some more live painting exhibitions – this time on canvas – and before you knew it, we’d shimmied all the way to the all new Bubble Bar and fashion runway, completely bypassing the exhibition!

‘Oh well… may as well have a drink now that we’re here,’ I thought to myself as I snapped up some drinks tickets for myself and the White-ettes, planning to head back up to the gallery in a flash.

But before you know it, I found myself chatting to curator Inkie (read the full interview here) about art (check his favourite piece from the exhibition below), inspiration (Ibiza – where else?), beautiful places (Atzaro) and life in general, and just as I was about to head inside to view my potential investments, the music got a whole lot louder and my attention was drawn to the runway, where a fashion show by Sasha Moon was about to start.

Urban @ Atzarò - 12/08/2010

Photography by Federico Capoano

As DJ Bones kicked off the parade with Skee-Lo’s  classic track ‘I wish’, I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was (you know the one – the lyrics go ‘I wish I was a little bit taller’), as I couldn’t see over the heads of all of the other guests gathered around the runway!

After a mad dash across the runway, almost knocking a model out in the process (sorry!), we finally scored a front row position, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the models and their gorgeous satin and leather ensembles. Note to self: Must do a detox in order to be able to wear leather micro-shorts! In the meantime, as cropped leather jacket and two-tone satin kaftan have Miss W’s name written all over them (not literally, to any graffiti fans reading this!)

Finally, I dragged myself away from the events area and up to the main gallery space to view the collection, where an amazing array of work was on display (and on sale), including pieces by Goldie, that were the basis for this year’s Wonderland artwork, plenty of work by Miss W’s favourite, Ben Allen, Chu, Lilliwenn, Agent Provocateur and more.

Urban Art at Atzaró: 12/08/10

Photography by Federico Capoano

But there was one piece in particular that caught my eye, an amazing black and white leopard, having escaped from a cage, that would look perfect positioned over my dining table (not to mention look fab next to my own two kitty cats). As I started to think how easy my decision had been, my eye was drawn to the artist’s name and price:

Banksy. POA.

Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll need to start saving for next year then…


THE GOOD: The turnout – wow! This was by far and away the busiest I have ever seen Atzaro (yes, even busier than the Cocoon closing after party), packed with fashionistas, budding art critics, London trendsetters, tourists, the Euro-jet set, the local party crew, business owners, DJs, yoga teachers… you name them, they were here!

THE BAD: While I love the new layout of Atzaro, and the events area is truly magical place for a party, the logistics of this event needed a little fine-tuning, whether it means more signage, indicating where certain things take place (or which bars serve cocktails!), or perhaps keeping it all contained in one area rather than sprawling across two, or perhaps a program of event timing to avoid confusion. But teething problems aside, we’re looking forward to the next one already!

THE GOSSIP: A generous on-island PR guru had donated her pristine white car to the live-graffiti cause, however despite the brave face she put on at the end, Miss W was not so sure about the finished product. Sure, it looks urban, edgy and cool… but for a girly girl who is not shy of a splashing out on a bit of colour? Hmmm… any budding Ibiza artists out there willing to come and colour in between the lines?

Urban @ Atzarò - 12/08/2010

Photography by Federico Capoano

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