Wednesday August 3, 2011: White Ibiza presents BROADWAY the Lazy Garden Party

Lazy Garden Party @ Novum Ibiza

White Ibiza presents BROADWAY the Lazy Garden Party: Wednesday August 3, 2011

After the huge success of the first Lazy Garden Party, White Ibiza presents the next chapter at Supperclub Novum Ibiza! From 9pm until 4am, the people responsible for the infamous, hedonistic Dirty Diamonds villa parties bring you BROADWAY, combining the NYC underground dance music vibe with that true ‘Balearic’, dancing under the stars atmosphere. Music by DJs Samir and Gianluca de Tiberis plus very special guest direct from New York, Victor Simonelli alongside sax guru Deva and percussion master Shovell.

Supperclub offers guests two unique menus – Japanese sushi on the legendary beds or Mediterranean a la carte in the garden restaurant space – to tempt taste buds over dinner. To top it all off, there will also be 40 pairs of the all-new reVOLVER Emergency Sunglasses to give away, for those who want to hide their post-party eyes the following day!

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Lazy Garden Party @ Novum Ibiza