Wednesday July 27, 2011: Guilty Pleasures Opening at Aura

Guilty Pleasures, every Wednesday night at Aura

Guilty Pleasures Opening at Aura: Wednesday July 27, 2011

Sure, we all know Ibiza is the home of dance music and clubbing capital of the world, yadda, yadda, yadda. But sometimes – namely every Wednesday night for the next two months – a little bit of pop music doesn’t go astray… and with the all new Guilty Pleasures residency at Aura, our pop prayers have been answered. Resident DJs Sean Rowley and Anna Greenwood bring their very own brand of all-singing, all-dancing razzle-dazzle to the San Llorenzo hotspot to help cure the mid-week blues. As they say, it’s shameless, blameless fun and a glorious celebration of pop!

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