Wedding shoes: The secret to happy feet!

When choosing your Ibiza wedding shoes, the first thing to ask yourself (well, perhaps second to, ‘Can I afford them?’) is, ‘Will they be practical for my venue?’ Be it beach and sand, countryside and grass or the old town, village churches and cobbled stones, of course it’s tempting to opt for sky-high Jimmy Choos, but if it means you’re stuck in your chair for the night, what’s the point?

[Main image: Maria Simon for Marnosuite]

Here are five basic rules to remember when planning your Ibiza wedding shoes:

1. Never buy shoes that pinch – remember your feet will swell in the Ibiza heat! Choose a half size up, then opt for inner soles or ‘Party feet’ pads rather than risk being in pain all day and night long.

2. Wear them in before the wedding! While the idea of wearing a fresh new pair of shoes seems appealing, think back to how many pairs of heels have left you with blisters after the first outing? Even if it’s just around the house for a few hours a day the week before, getting your heels, toes and ankles used to them will make all the difference when you’re dancing ’til dawn.

3. Want to make a statement with your shoes, but know that six-inch stilettos will end in tears? A huge trend in wedding shoes this season is for bejewelled or glitter encrusted pumps with a chunky, sturdy heel – totally jaw-dropping, but much easier to manage!

4. If you’re coveting a designer label but on a shoestring budget (pardon the pun!), hit the high street! Zara, Top Shop, H&M and Bershka are just a few retailers (among many others) who cater to the sparkly-heeled masses, and don’t be surprised if you don’t find an a-l-m-o-s-t carbon copy of the shoe of your dream. Considering many wedding shoes are only worn once and left in a box for the rest of their lives, it could be a very easy way to save money.

5. If fashion outweighs functionality for you (as in some cases, it always will), ensure you always pack a pair of ‘Plan B’ flats or flip-flops! And remember, the barefoot bride look only works on the beach, and stops being cute once the sun’s gone down…

Eva Kruiper for Ana Lui Studio, Ibiza wedding photographyThe Bar - Danielle & James' Ibiza wedding

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