Ibiza weddings

Seaside fairy tales

A Cotton Beach Club wedding may feel like a fantasy but rest assured this is the reality of celebrating love in Ibiza.

Most people (understandably) believe fairy tales are the stuff of fantasy however, there’s not a bride in the world that will tell you that their wedding is not.

Most people (understandably) believe fairy tales are the stuff of fantasy however, there’s not a bride in the world that will tell you that their wedding is not. It is the one time where people are given free reign to create the day of their dreams, which here in Ibiza, should always include a stunning view. And there is no fairy tale view more stunning as the sweeping 180-degree vistas from the terrace of Cotton Beach Club at Cala Tarida. While it may indeed look like a fantasy, the gorgeous ambience at Cotton Beach Club is strongly rooted in reality – an Ibiza style reality that is – which on top of the magnificent views includes gourmet dishes, bespoke cocktails and an expert wedding planning service. While the bride and groom float through their fairy tale day, behind the scenes the Cotton Beach Club staff are ensuring the big day runs like a dream.

Set above the velvety sands of Cala Tarida beach, Cotton Beach Club is an Ibiza institution. Famous for the magnificent sunsets off the terrace and the pristine Mediterranean shores below, the venue is a fairy tale in itself. Chic and minimal with just a hint of rustic undertones, the restaurant and terrace are the epitome of Ibiza style – one part jet set, one part boho with a whole lot of soul. Your celebration can begin on the golden sands below Cotton Beach Club, allowing for a dramatic start to the day. Arrive by speedboat (or even parasail for the more adventurous types) before ascending to the striking terrace. The Mediterranean flavours of the Cotton Beach Club menu are perfectly matched to its surrounds. Choose between creative canapés and cocktails or go the whole way with a classic sit-down dinner – the choice is yours.

The Cotton Beach Club signature palette of whites is the perfect canvas for creating a masterpiece of wedding décor. Use the pale scheme as a base to add brightness in the form of fresh bouquets, innovative centrepieces and decorative objects. There’s nothing to distract from the beauty of the loved-up couple except perhaps, that incredible view behind them. As the afternoon slowly turns into evening weddings guests will delight in the kaleidoscope of colours that dance across the vistas. The undulating blues of sky and sea absorb the lush reds and pinks of the sunset casting a glow across the happy faces of the bride and groom. Could there be a better backdrop for wedding photos?

There are few places where the beauty of the venue matches the beauty of the surrounding environment. At Cotton Beach Club you get both plus the extensive expertise and calming influence of the team. From the small details to the big picture, the in-house wedding planner at Cotton Beach Club takes you through the event from start to finish so that your wedding day remains all about you. When stars begin to sparkle on the surface of the dark blue sea, the ambience above shifts from daytime laughter to night-time dancing. Your wedding planner can organise your favourite tunes to accompany the journey into night, and while the wedding party boogies away, the moon glittering on the surface of the sea shines its beauty onto all. It may feel like a fantasy but once in a while, love gives us a fairy tale.