Ibiza weddings

World class wedding hair

The exclusive John Frieda Salon is open for business again this summer and wedding hair is high on the agenda.

Weddings provide endless opportunities for indulging, especially when you’re one half of the lucky couple who’s about to get wed.

From champagne while you’re hunting for the perfect dress to leisurely spa days taken in the lead up to the event – planning a wedding can be stressful so  there’s always an excuse to gift yourself a well-deserved treat. Good news then, that within the walls of the five-star Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay in Talamanca, you’ll find the exclusive John Frieda Salon open for business again this summer, where pampering is all part of the process in the lead up to the big day. John Frieda Salons have earned a well-held reputation across the globe for their pioneering hairstyles, colourists and blow dries, as well as the unrivalled expertise of their talented staff. They have salons in the most cosmopolitan areas of both London and New York, and as a result can count a slew of the jet-setting, stylish elite among their clients. At the most recent salon in Ibiza, you can expect world-class service and exceptional attention to detail, plus a team dedicated to making you feel extra special in the run up to your wedding.

In fact, highly-trained members of staff – who can effortlessly transform wedding hair dreams into reality – is an integral part of the John Frieda DNA. Unlike many other salons, staff here are really put through their paces before taking the helm on the salon floor. “We train for three to five years to ensure we truly understand how to work with different types of hair and different looks,” explains salon manager, Jeffrey Eli. “Every member of our team is incredibly experienced, and of course, has their finger on the pulse when it comes to wedding trends.” Look no further than Serge Normant, John’s New York salon partner, for confirmation of this – he’s the man responsible for Meghan Markle’s wedding hair. And with millions critiquing Meghan’s style, he choose something effortless and relaxed. Because hair trends come and go, and the last thing you want is to look back on photos from the day in years to come and be disappointed by how dated a style looks. That’s where the John Frieda stylists come in. “Over the years, fashionable styles change,” says Jeffrey. “So with wedding hair today, what you want to be looking for is something loose and natural and textured. Nothing with too much volume, because that can be ageing.” It’s worth bearing in mind that the style of dress is also a huge factor.

“If you’re wearing a dress with lots of detailing then naturally you want to show that off, so you keep the hair simple,” says Jeffrey. “And really, most brides want the dress to do all the talking, so it’s important to have a hairstyle that’s not too fussy.” If you’re unsure about what to choose, then the team is happy to give you some gentle guidance. “I have a conversation with all brides to find out what makes them tick,” he continues. “Then we’ll consider the dress, look at some images together and I can give my opinion on what I think will and won’t work.” Naturally, all of this is done in an environment in which the bride can feel totally relaxed. And let’s not forget, this is a celebration, so you’re made to feel suitably special throughout. “Brides are all given champagne when they’re having their hair done,” says Jeffrey. “And if we’re doing a set of bridesmaids too, we’ll actually do the bride’s hair for free. We want the bride to feel as relaxed as possible – coming to the salon should be like seeking sanctuary before the storm!” Indeed, knowing you’re in good hands means one less thing to worry about on the day.