Ibiza weddings

Bringing art to life

What every wedding couple needs is a photographer who can capture their vision and turn into a work of art.

For some brides, planning a wedding is a lifelong preoccupation. From the moment they see princesses sauntering on screen and have fairytales read to them before bed, they’re immersed in a whimsical wedding bubble.

So when it comes to finally saying ‘I do’, it’s no surprise they want every single detail to be absolutely perfect. That’s especially true in the case of photography. Because what every loved-up couple wants from a photographer is someone who can capture their vision and turn it into a work of art. In cases like this, what you need is a photographer like Masha Kart. Born and raised in Germany, Masha always had a keen eye for shape, light, and form – that’s why she went on to study Fine Art and product design. It was her experience working as a model that eventually led to first picking up a camera – she cites the unique connection that develops between photographer and subject as one of her primary inspirations. In fact, it was this that encouraged her to move away from more classical forms of art into photography. “Using a camera was a new medium for me,” she explains. “But you can still paint with a camera.”

A sojourn around the world followed, with stints serving as an exotic destination photographer in Indonesia, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Cambodia and Laos among many other far-flung places, before eventually moving to Los Angeles, where she spent time taking portraits for Hollywood agencies. Then she was invited as a guest to a wedding in Greece and a serendipitous turn of events were set in motion. “I ended up shooting photos there and that was the moment for me,” she smiles. “I realised how amazing it was to be surrounded by so much positive energy. It completely changed my vision.” Back in LA and moved by her experience, Masha started working on more and more weddings, progressively laying down foundations for the ethereal style she’s now known for. Using a unique hybrid of both film and digital photography, she merges the two approaches to create an almost otherworldly final image. Add to that combination Masha’s ability to capture the beauty of golden hour, and her knowledge of every nook and cranny of Ibiza’s topography, and you’ve got a pretty magical recipe for success on your hands. “Using light and location you can achieve very dramatic, dreamy, romantic shots,” she muses. “And it’s all completely natural.”

And that’s not hyberbole. Masha has become renowned across Europe – she also travels to Mykonos, Santorini, Mallorca, Formentera and Germany for work – for the kind of ‘wow’ shots that bring an entirely new dimension to your memories of the day. “People want a magical, fairytale shot that they can print and put on their wall, and with my vision and guidance they can achieve that,” she says. “I love to be able to give that to them. It’s such a wonderful feeling.” Masha’s eye for a moment is what really sets her apart – no sparkling ray of sunshine gets past her lens. She prides herself too on long-lasting relationships with her couples. “In my opinion, a photographer’s personality as is important as their style,” she explains. “So I like to connect with people and see what they want, need and laugh to.” She also speaks several languages fluently, and this helps her connect with clients, so much so she goes on to shoot important events throughout their lives. “People who come to Ibiza to get married are very special,” she says. “Often we stay friends and I go on to take photos of their pregnancies and then their children!”

Despite her fine art background and stunning images that look like they’ve swept in from a faraway fantasyland, Masha maintains that the success of the final shot is all about teamwork. “I don’t have one approach for all couples because they’re all unique,” she affirms. “But my shots aren’t forced, so I never command people how to look.” She continues: “I just know how to put them in a special place with the right light, and it unfolds softly from there. It’s created by both of us.” So between you, Masha Kart and all those dreams you’ve been saving up since childhood, your wedding is in safe hands.

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