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Bringing cakes to life

No stranger to baking outside the box, Mitch the Cake Lady offers custom video projections onto cakes.

No stranger to baking outside the box, Mitch the Cake Lady has been creating custom cakes in Ibiza for many years, with clients including some of the most stylish wedding couples, A-list celebrities and the plushest venues on the island.

Her ethos is everything is possible with cake, and in the past she has proven this possible by creating edible feasts that range from multi-tier, two-sided weddings cakes that represent the personality of both bride and groom to a scale replica of one of the island’s most famous luxury villas. In 2018, Mitch takes this idea to the next level. This season sees the talented baker and artist expand her repertoire to include video projection onto cakes – an exciting project that combines not only her skills with flavour and architecture with her former career in IT. “It made sense to bring my nerdy background into my creative career,” she laughs. “While working in a corporate IT job definitely isn’t for me anymore, I still find it all quite fascinating. Being able to marry the two is perfect.” In all seriousness, this tasty tech-advancement in cake decorating is truly the next big thing, with mega brands such as Disney already embracing the trend.

Using your cake as a blank canvas, Mitch and her creative technical team – who have been responsible for producing graphics and visuals for some of the islands biggest club nights in the past – design an animation that can be projected onto multiple tiers of the cake for any duration that you like. “The sky’s the limit,” says Mitch. “You really are limited only by your imagination.” Or Mitch’s – should you get stuck for ideas, she has plenty of creativity swirling around in her brain and is all too willing to share. Think sparkling fireworks and celebration banners, scrolling text, photos, videos and whimsical fairytale-esque animations. For weddings, Mitch also envisions video messages or scrolling written messages beaming onto the cake from those that couldn’t be there on the day, bringing a new way of sharing messages of love for the happy couple. The process for designing a video projection cake is not unlike the regular process of designing a wedding cake. An initial consultation with Mitch takes place in order for her to really get inside your head and bring your big ideas to life in a new and exciting way. Then a proposal is sent, concept is agreed on… and then the magic really starts to happen.

Of course, big ideas require a big cake on which to be projected, and while the shape of the cake can vary to accommodate the designs, the height needs to be a minimum of four tiers for Mitch and her team to be able to create something spectacular. “Every facet of the cake can tell a different story,” explains Mitch, “We can work with a different video, photo or animation on every level, so the size of the cake is of great importance.” While the animations work beautifully on a plain white canvas, that’s not to say they are limited solely to this. The design can be projected onto any appropriately shaded topping, and additional decorations and embellishments can also be applied to the cake and incorporated into the final animation and design; “It’s just like a theatrical production,” Mitch says, her eyes gleaming with excitement at the thought of getting started on this concept.

If by now, you still can’t envision it in your head, let’s go back to Disney. Picture the nightly laser spectacular on the castle at any Disneyland or Disneyworld around the globe, as they use the iconic castle shape as a base on which to project Tinkerbelle flittering around, fireworks coming off the towers and cute characters running all around the building. Now… scale it down. Imagine a five-tier white cake. Replace the Disney projections with your own dream animation ideas. Click here to watch a video of one of her latest projects to truly get the picture! Mitch the Cake Lady is here to prove that everything really is possible… ON cake!