Sa Paella Club

Specialising in all types of paella, Sa Paella Club caters for groups as small as four up to 130 or more, making it ideal for weddings and events.

Options include traditional Valencian, seafood and vegetable plus over 50 other recipes founder Alejandro Velazquez has created or discovered during his lifetime as a paella aficionado.  It’s Ibiza wedding catering with a twist, as the rustic mobile kitchen allows guests to watch as the team of expert paella chefs chop, sauté, fry and generally make things steamily delicious.

Cooking and eating paella in Valencia is akin to a religious experience. The large flat pan steaming with rice, meats, seafood and vegetables is heartily consumed every Sunday across the whole province and beyond. When Alejandro first moved to Ibiza from the region of Castellon de la Plana, finding the island’s best paella was number one on his to-do list. Despite some excellent local examples, he couldn’t find the authentic paella of his childhood, and so, Alejandro created Sa Paella Club to bring it to life at weddings and events in Ibiza.

While Ibiza weddings are the mainstay of Sa Paella Club, its mobile kitchens can be spotted at celebrations of all kinds, from birthdays and anniversaries to corporate events and parties. Alejandro’s unforgettable paella is of course the main event, along with a Spanish feast that includes tapas, Basque country specialities and montaditos (toasts with gourmet toppings). Everything is set up across the wedding venue in Mediterranean style food stations, allowing guests to wander through a cornucopia of Spanish delights.

Sa Paella Club sources the best ingredients from across the country, ensuring quality and authenticity at every wedding. Alejandro melds traditional cooking methods with flavours from across the globe including ingredients as varied as Japanese eel, squid ink, rabbit, snails, octopus, lobster and more plus fideuá, delicate strings of pasta, instead of rice. Slices of Iberian ham, cheeses from the north, preserves and other delicacies plus fresh produce grown in Ibiza all add to the genuine taste of Spain. Sa Paella Club crosses tradition with celebration creating unique gourmet events for all occasions.

Telephone: +34 622 226 251
Email: [email protected]
Website: sapaellaclub.com