Stage 1: The obvious

In the first in our new series of Ibiza wedding planning features, we look at the things you probably don’t actually need our help with! But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, and it may as well be at the beginning…

[Main image by Gypsy Westwood]

Whether it was love at first sight, your childhood sweetheart, a whirlwind holiday romance or a seriously star-crossed lovers situation, when you’ve found the love of your life, you better make damn sure you hold onto them. Chances are (if you’re reading this article!) you’ll want to make it official, which means an engagement is in order (unless of course you have a shotgun wedding in Vegas, but that’s another story).

So… if you’re a believer in tradition, this means (guys) before asking for your fair maiden’s hand in marriage, you’ll need to get the green light from her folks (tradition says you ask dad, but asking mum’s permission never hurt anyone either) first. Nervous? There are multiple ways you can ask – in person where possible – and whether it’s over dinner, drinks or a quick chat behind the kitchen door at a family get together, the main thing to remember is to assure them you love their little girl and will take care of her for the rest of your life. Yep, even if she earns more money than you and you live in her house!

Our top tip: Get your girlfriend’s opinion on the topic before running to papa. There are indeed some women out there who consider the tradition to be chauvinistic, and believe they are perfectly capable of making their own decisions… of course, there are also others who think it’s a very respectful gesture and will totally swoon over the fact that you’ve gone to the trouble. And at the same time, you’ll conveniently be able to suss out whether she’s also thinking along the lines of an Ibiza wedding. After all, no one wants to be on the receiving end of a rejected proposal!

Butler-Madden Weddings, engagement shoot

Photography by Butler-Madden Photography

Then it’s time to pop the question. As one of the most important moments of your life – and something you’ll hopefully only ever have to do once – getting the timing, setting and even the wording right is of great importance. Again, it’s all about knowing what your beloved wants from a proposal. Some girls crave the engagement ring hidden at the bottom of their champagne glass or on their plate with dessert. Others dream of you getting down on one knee in front of their family and friends for the most public display of affection, while others wish you’d whisk them to the top of a mountain/monument and make a real moment of it. And then… there are those who’d be mortified if you were to do it in public and would prefer a spontaneous engagement while washing the breakfast dishes.

Whatever your engagement style, let’s face it. To many future fiancés, it’s all about the ring. Traditionalists will argue that the man should spend approximately two months salary on said ring and should choose it himself… while more modern thinkers may say price is irrelevant and it’s the sentiment that counts. Meanwhile, style conscious girls are more likely to want a say in the choice of jewel that adorns her hand for the rest of her life! Diamonds are forever, right?

Our top tip: If you have a strong connection with Ibiza, why not enlist one of Ibiza’s finest jewellery designers to create a bespoke engagement ring that suits your girlfriend’s style and taste. Natasha Collis and Cyd Hutton of JOY Jewellery are both experienced in the art of tailormade engagement rings, and can give some great tips on designing the perfect ring, whether you’re going solo or working with your future bride.


Photography by Ana Lui

Once she’s said yes… it’s time to start planning! If Ibiza is on your mind (and you don’t live here on the white isle), then you’ll need to develop some serious organizational skills and have your wits about you at all times. As many an Ibiza bridezilla will attest, planning a wedding in Ibiza isn’t always the easiest task… But with over 90 gorgeous Ibiza beaches, so many amazing hotels and villas, an array of stunning wedding venues and a host of expert wedding planners, caterers, Ibiza wedding photographers and much more, it really is a dream wedding destination. And all those bridezillas will also tell you, it was a task that was well worth it in the end!

But more on that in the next instalment of our Ibiza wedding blog – stay tuned!