Stage 10: Live happily ever after…

So you’ve exchanged rings, kissed the bride, had your first dance, posed for photos, thrown the bouquet (maybe even shed a tear!) and driven off into the beautiful Ibiza sunset… now all that’s left to do is live happily ever after!

For many newlyweds in Ibiza, the Ibiza wedding doesn’t actually stop once the DJ has played the last song at the reception however. With every destination wedding comes the responsibility of entertaining those guests who have flown from all corners of the earth to be with you on your wedding day, so there’s often the need for a ‘recovery brunch’ or boat trip, lunch gathering or other such type of events the day after.

This is where your Ibiza wedding planner comes in! The last thing an exhausted bride and groom feel like doing is coordinating a big group of friends, but your wedding planner can arrange transport to be at their hotels, or arrange a private event at your villa, book tables, boats or beach beds for your group and keep the Ibiza wedding spirit alive for another day.

It’s a great way for the couple to catch up with family and friends on a more individual level, when the main event has gone by in a blur of happy memories. You’ll see snapshots from other people’s perspectives, hear tales of what went on at the bar while you were working the dance floor and also get to relive your own experiences before jetting off on your honeymoon.

Unless of course you’re staying right here in Ibiza – a divine honeymoon destination in itself!