Stage 3: The technicalities

You’ve set the date! You’ve probably booked a venue. And you’re definitely BFFs with your Ibiza wedding planner. And now – with roughly about 10 months up your sleeve until the big day – you’ve reached the stage where things can get a little bit tricky. It’s all about lists, spreadsheets, pros, cons and all the technicalities associated with an Ibiza wedding…

[Main image by Ana Lui]

First of all, it’s time to get serious about your wedding budget. Because the technicalities depend on it! Before planning your budget, it would be wise to devise your guest list first, so you can correctly assess the cost per head of food and drink, rather than have to scrimp on quality because you hadn’t quite calculated the numbers before booking.

A good Ibiza wedding planner will be able to advise you of average costs and what to expect with every aspect of your event, but you’ll all need to agree at which point you want the buck to stop (it’s easy for a bride to get carried away when it comes to her shoes or flowers, for example)!

Be realistic. Determine how much of your budget you’d like to allocate to venue, food and drink, décor, the wedding party, dresses, suits and the rest. See if there are areas where you’d be willing to compromise (for example, a stand up buffet could mean more money towards a beautiful venue) and establish exactly where your wedding funds are coming from – don’t just ‘presume’ the bride’s family will pay, as the old school tradition dictates. Experts advise setting up a joint bank account for all wedding expenses, for peace of mind and simplicity when it comes to allocating funds and assessing your spending.

There are other important details you need to address right about now, such as who will be joining you in the official wedding party – bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, pageboys, parents, ushers, dogs, cats… the choice is yours. Again, in line with your budget, you’ll need to establish the costs associated – especially given that they’ll be flying to another country for the event – and let them know up front exactly what costs, if any, their role will entail.

For those couples looking to be married in a church, there are some pretty tricky technicalities to manouever and again, this is where having an on-island wedding planner can really come in handy. ‘Preparation for marriage’ courses are required by the Catholic church, while other religions may be required to have a blessing ceremony in Ibiza, but a legal ceremony in your country of origin. There are also additional rules for civil ceremonies, same sex marriages and even for Ibiza residents. Check with your wedding planner, church or town hall about nine months in advance to ensure you are on the right path to the right ceremony.

Last, but absolutely, positively, definitely not least at this stage, it’s time to book your Ibiza wedding photographer. As with most things in the Ibiza wedding planning business, the best in the business are always booked out first, so it’s essential to lock your photographer in early! You’ll find a directory of Ibiza’s best wedding photographers on White Ibiza, but of course, everyone has their own unique style, so you’ll need to match a photographer to your taste!

Ana Lui Studio is known for their ability to capture the most stunning, natural moments as your day goes by, with timeless photos and gorgeous videos that really prove their ‘every single bride and groom are beautiful’ ethos.

Annie Peel is one of the most relaxed photographers you’ll meet on the island. ‘The idea is for everyone – including me – to simply relax and enjoy the experience. My photos reflect this’.

Fusion Photography are experts when it comes to making your wedding photos look like stills from a glamorous movie. Having two photographers on hand means twice the amount of action is captured too!

Gypsy Westwood is a born and bred island girl, and one of the most trusted photographers in Ibiza. Timeless elegance, natural beauty and the knack of capturing the most beautiful moments on your big day are her trademark.

Ibiza Photography snapper Anne Walker has the keenest eye for candid moments, and lets the events unfold around her like a new adventure with each wedding. With a natural ability to put guests at ease, it’s less like posed portraits and more like reportage.

Marnosuite. Ahh, true romance, beauty, art and fantasy – photographer Marai Simon and co-founder Arno Lippert are masters of the art form. With a gorgeous modern style, each wedding is beautifully edited using different filters and textures – from vivid to pastel, sophisticated and classy – to create your own love story.