Stage 4: The fun begins!

Hurrah, it’s time to get creative! Now that you’ve got the nitty gritty number crunching out of the way, you can make way for the Ibiza wedding stationery, invitations, sparkles, florals, pastels and more (should you desire them). Sure, you’ve sent out a ‘save the date’ email, but your official invites will sit on people’s desks, mantels and fridge doors for months, so it’s well worth getting it right!

[Main image by Gypsy Westwood]

For a destination wedding, you really do need to give a lot more notice than a regular backyard celebraton – after all, you’re asking guests to clear their schedule, book a flight and spring for accommodation just so they can share in your big day. Around nine months prior to the wedding date is ideal, as there’s plenty of time to arrange the minor details, plus time to start saving for the trip… and for those on a budget, the flight costs won’t yet be sky high and reasonable priced accommodation won’t be too hard to find. We’d recommend including a sheet of handy tips for your guests with the wedding invitation – from flights and hotels to special Ibiza restaurants and more. Of course, you could just direct them to

There are some other (cough splutter) minor details that need your attention at about this time too. Namely, to do with those little things you’ll be wearing on your fingers for the rest of your lives and that white dress for the day itself.

Bespoke wedding rings are becoming more and more popular, because let’s face it – every marriage and couple are unique, so why should your rings be generic? Of course, a custom made ring takes time, which is why you need to act now. Here in Ibiza, jeweler Cyd Hutton of JOY Jewellery hosts courses (over the weekends) where you can design and make each other’s wedding rings, adding an extra special dimension to the symbol of your eternal love for one another.

Ibiza fine jewellery designer Natasha Collis also specialises in commission pieces for brides and grooms to be, with every piece made by hand here in her Ibiza studio. Alternatively, you may find the rings of your dreams already exists within Natasha’s current collections (where no two pieces are alike), on display in the chic showroom attached to her studio.

And then of course, it’s time to find the other ‘one’. There’s no denying that all eyes are on the bride and her gown on the big day, so it’s worth spending as much time as you need to find your own perfect match, be it traditional, modern, classic, designer or a high street creation.

Many Ibiza brides opt to purchase their dress (and lingerie, bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, accessories and even groom’s tuxes) in their home country, simply for the ease of fittings, much more options available and based on seasonal trends, however, here in Ibiza, fashion expert Anisya Sam, founder of Solis Lucrum vintage boutiques can assist in sourcing the perfect wedding gown (or jewellery and accessories) for vintage-inspired Ibiza brides, after getting to know exactly what you are after. Her studio is a treasure trove of sparkling, wedding-esque pieces, from corsets to handbags, gowns, gloves and tiaras… the hardest thing is choosing the one that’s juuuust right!