Stage 7: The finer details

It’s the final countdown. There’s one month to go until you become a newlywed. Does it feel like you’ve forgotten something? Don’t leave anything to the last minute or to chance… you only have one wedding, so you only get one chance to do it right!

Of course, you don’t have to take on all the responsibility yourself! If you’ve chosen a theme and have your heart set on beautiful corresponding décor, why not call on the services of a dedicated wedding stylist to ensure there’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place? Cardamom Events boasts a dedicated in-house styling team who have the know-how and the know-who to make your vision a reality, with all elements coming together on your day like they were meant to be!

This is also the time to put some serious time aside to write your wedding vows and speeches (and remember, practice makes perfect, even if it’s just in front of the mirror), meticulously plot and plan those table seating charts as if it were a military operation and finalise gifts for your guests, choose the music for your first song and practice that special ‘wedding photo smile’ until your cheeks hurt!

Final fittings for dresses and suits take place now, so accept that you’re at your perfect Ibiza wedding weight – although that doesn’t mean you can start tucking into the biscuits between now and the wedding. You’ll also need to take extra good care of your skin to ensure it’s glowing in the photos – drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and (if it’s possible) do your best not to stress out in the lead up to the main event…

Photography by Ana Lui for Cardamom Events