Ibiza weddings

Consummate professionals

This squad of consummate professionals are all your party planning prayers.

Wedding season – romance infiltrates the island as couples from all over the world descend to take their vows with an Ibiza twist.

Wedding season also coincides with hens, bucks, birthday and party-for-no-reason season. Ah! Ibiza, how you do love a shindig. Anyone who has organised one of these celebrations knows a good team is critical. Enter The Ibiza Catering. This squad of consummate professionals are all your party planning prayers answered. As part of the impressive Samos Group – Ibiza’s leading provider of professional culinary and event services since the 1970s – The Ibiza Catering has a wealth of experience behind it. Whether it’s a private chef for an intimate dinner for two or 20, picnic baskets for the boat, a business lunch requiring perfection, a birthday or that pinnacle of parties: a wedding. The Ibiza Catering guides, advises and holds your hand all the way through.

It’s an understatement to say summer is in Ibiza is busy. Which is why choosing the right catering company for your special event is paramount. Leaning on almost 40 years of experience on the island means The Ibiza Catering has a vast network of contacts to call on. Exclusive villa locations combined with a deep knowledge of all the secret spots let guests relax and simply enjoy the beauty of the island. “We have stayed true to our values,” says Daniel Sanwald Steeb, head of business development. “It’s easy to find a catering company on Ibiza but it’s not easy to find one you can trust. That’s why we created The Ibiza Catering.” Sales and events maestro, Edyta Kroliczek, known as the ‘Creator of Memories’, agrees. “Our personal standards are set very high. We’re consistent and dependable because we just want our clients to have fun.”

Head chef Javier Fabo Aranzabal, otherwise known as the ‘Creator of Flavour’ is from the Basque Country, meaning he has food and fun running through his veins. He’s done the rounds as a private chef and at Michelin-starred restaurants to find his niche in designing menus for special events. “I love being part of creating something special,” he says. “Working on personalised menus with clients means I get to go on a food journey with them. It’s always exciting.” Produce is the centrepiece to Javier’s menus and his extensive knowledge of what’s available on the island allows him to advise clients on the best possible combinations. “Everything is homemade using the freshest ingredients,” he says. “The produce here is second to none and when people want something different, I know where to get it.” Naturally, he’s keeping his knowledge close to his chest – a magician never reveals his secrets!

Javier’s menus are as varied as the types of events the team has been called upon to organise – everything from traditional paella, luxury barbecue or power breakfasts to picnic baskets. “Food stations are really great,” he says. “Guests try different dishes and connect over the experience. It can really open things up.” Daniel adds: “One thing we all have in common is our passion for food!” An unwritten motto runs through The Ibiza Catering: Anything is possible! From first contact to the final touches the team effortlessly makes dreams come true. One of Daniel’s favourite events started at a villa but ended on a yacht. “After the aperitifs, the client decided to move everything to his boat,” he says. “We just packed our stuff and we went with them! The night finished watching the sunrise with champagne. Only in Ibiza!”

Every wedding is special but there is one Edyta will never forget. It started with finding the venue and moved onto organising the hens and bucks parties, followed by a hangover brunch and a trip to Formentera. The wedding night went on until 5am and the final gathering of the week was a traditional salt-baked fish dinner. “It was perfect,” she says. “They’re coming back to celebrate their first anniversary in the same villa. We’re going to make it just as special for them.” Ibiza offers some of the most stunning locations for celebrations. A romantic hidden cove might be perfect for a proposal followed by dinner and champagne of course, a luxury yacht to Formentera for a gang of buddies accompanied by picnic hampers and cocktails. A restored 400-year-old finca with a lush garden for an outdoor wedding or a minimalist cliff top home for a party. The options are endless.

Clients from all over the world cover the gamut from business people and companies requiring fast and flexible catering, groups enjoying the experience of a private chef to wedding parties celebrating their love with good food and reliable, friendly service. “We meet many different cultures,” says Daniel. “We love to adapt to the needs of the clients mixing the traditional with the best of Ibiza style fun. Always with delicious food and amazing drinks.” Combining local knowledge, a passion for good food and an eye for detail all wrapped up with an international flair makes The Ibiza Catering the island’s foremost event catering organisation. “We stand for delicious food,” says Edyta. “Taste is our signature.” Add the beauty of the island and you have an event made in heaven.