5 Elements Acupuncture – more than a pin in the neck!

Do you have deep-rooted back or shoulder problems that massage only temporarily relieves? Have you suffered migraines and headaches or found yourself experiencing insomnia, with worries, anxieties and stressful thoughts keeping you awake?

Rather than popping another pill to temporarily treat the problem, Acupuncture is an ancient complimentary medicine that works by inserting needles to help cure the symptoms.

Pinpricks are a better way of explaining how it feels to first-timers.  Needles are inserted into points (meridians) that stimulate the body’s own energy to move in a smooth and balanced way through a series of channels that run up and down the body connecting deep inside with its different organs.

The aim of the 5 Elements Acupuncture is to bring you energetically back into balance, in body and in mind. Thousands of years of wisdom and expertise render Acupuncture as one of the most widely integrated complimentary medicine techniques. Doctors are finally recommending it increasingly as an effective way for lasting pain release rather than over-the-counter cures!

Acupuncture helps you overcome addictions, be it smoking, alcohol or drugs – legal and otherwise. It helps regulate obsessive thoughts and feelings that drive us into these repeated addictive behaviours.

The 5 Element approach – coming from a more psychological, emotional approach than traditional acupuncture – stimulates the body’s own healing response, whether for menstrual problems, circulatory problems, back pain, digestive problems, depression and even skin conditions, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. It helps release tension at a very deep level and treats the causes of imbalances in the body – which can present themselves as physical, mental or emotional pain. The results of Acupuncture are profound and long lasting.

For those suffering from the season’s full-swing craziness, it is a great way of regulating our energy, ensuring that rather than going through peaks and troughs of full-throttle adrenalin followed by total exhaustion, you can maintain a steady, healthier rhythm that is more enjoyable – in body, soul and mind.

Positive side-effects include extra clarity of thought and focus and feelings of serenity, tranquility, inner-calm and peace, along with ensuring our sexual energy is flowing strongly and that we feel confident, centered and have a good sense of goals and ambitions.

Whether you are treating a specific pain or ailment, or looking for a more general energy balance and boost, even a one-off treatment has huge benefits holistically – for uplifting flagging spirits too!

Contact us at info@ibizaretreats.com for a one-off treatment with some superb acupuncturists based on the island, or immerse yourself in a weeklong 5-Elements Acupuncture residential Retreat in October with leading Acupuncturist Keely Harris from London’s Harley Street.