Ashtanga Yoga – A powerful practice

Are you a cardio-junkie who likes to sweat it out to feel you are getting a thorough workout? Or love the structure of a gym programme but are also interested in exploring a more spiritual workout? Feel afraid yoga seemstoo slow for you?

Whilst all genres of yoga depend on you as an individual to engage in the Asanas (postures) to your best potential in order to achieve the best physical results, Ashtanga yoga is far more aerobic and can be more physically demanding. Each practice repeats the same structured sequence of postures, linked with synchronised inhalations and exhalations, providing a full-body workout with detoxifying breath work that also calms the mind.

This particular form of breathing is known as Ujaya Pranayama and students pair this with stabilising their root (lower sacral) and abdominal locks – tightening internal muscle and tissue groups – to create core strength and keep the lower back strong and body aligned.

Ashtanga Yoga is generally for the more experienced yogi or those with high levels of fitness and core strength and who are ready to commit to a regular practice. It provides strengthening, health-giving benefits for the physique, internal organs and strength of mind.

In the beginning the sequences of postures are learned and the physical alignment in each pose perfected so it can then be practiced with concentration and focus on the flow of the breath in a more dynamic way.

The heart rate is increased and cardiovascular system worked throughout the Asanas and alternating sun salutations which link together each standing posture then give way to balancing postures.

Stretching and deepening with breath work after the body is fully warmed up and ending with the classic Sivassana (corpse pose), you finally reach the most important part of the practice, recovery, where the body integrates all the work you have engaged in and the mind becomes calm and peaceful.

Once you are confident with your personal practice you can – quite literally – practice this at home. Whilst many yoga classes will be a different journey each time, Ashtanga Yoga has a structure you set in place on your own yoga mat – whether on the beach, in the garden or in your living room – so you can improve your strength, fitness, flexibility and focus whenever and wherever you wish.

Because it is so important to ensure you receive the best possible instruction for physical safety and to create a strong foundation for the Ashtanga sequence we recommend private classes or small groups to begin in order to build up your practice safely and with grace.

Shaki Debin has many years of experience in teaching Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga plus Integrational Pilates which means she can instruct students in Ibiza to suit their level of experience, resulting in a yoga practice that offers a total workout, physical meditation and is great for strengthening your focus at work, life and well beyond your yoga session.

Contact for further information on Shaki Debin and other Ashtanga teachers on the island.