Featured Ibiza Retreat: Heart Medicine

buddha house-50

Through a deep cleansing through sound, a solid detox, yoga, dance, visualizations and group interactions we help you to find your inner balance and to integrate this newly found balance and insights into your daily life. 
The combined energies of your hosts Ilona Pantel-Ayal and Maureen Ji will certainly lead you to a profound experience.

About the venue: The heart medicine retreat takes place at Buddha House in a beautiful private home situated high In the hills in the north of Ibiza with stunning panoramic views of the island.  You will sleep in wonderful luxury rooms or have your own wooden house.

About the hosts: Ilona Pantel is your detox facilitator, whose skills and qualifications span psychology, hypnotherapy, doctoral approved fasting guide and nutrition amongst many to offer a fully integrated approach to your detox retreat. Her expansive knowledge and life experience, training and working around the world, provides the optimum support for you to completely immerse yourself in the program and achieve the benefits that matter to you.

Weaving her musical expertise and the modality of Sound Healing, Maureen Ji facilitates workshops, retreats and performances all over the world. Maureen Ji creates a safe space for opening with song, chanting, meditation, Healing Sounds and visualization to bring about transformative experiences.
 In 2007 she received a diploma in sound therapy  with the International Association of Sound Therapy and has since studied with a variety of sound therapists and body workers.

Who it’s for: Everyone with a love of music, good food, dance and yoga who wants to detox and cleanse their body.

Retreat includes:

•  A first class detox breakfast, lunch and dinner

•  Accommodation

•  Yoga, chanting, dance and music!

Wellness benefits:

• Sound will take you to your deeper unconscious levels and open your heart

• You will release your restricting core believes and emotional patterns

• Psychosomatic blockages will be removed

• Stimulation, activation and strengthening off the immune system

• An overall rejuvenation accompanied with a loss of excess kilos

• Each day will take you closer to those goals!

Contact: calendar@ibizaretreats.com to book your place