Featured Ibiza Retreat: 5-day Mining The Golden Shadow retreat

Featured Ibiza Retreat: Mining The Golden Shadow, Your Hidden Keys To Boundless Joy, Success and Love

Workshop: Mining the Golden Shadow: Your hidden keys to boundless joy, success and love
Date: Sunday, August 28 at 1pm – Thursday, September 1 at 5pm
Duration: 5 days from 1pm – 5pm
Location: Yoga Centre Chandra, No 9 Vara de Rey , Ibiza
Host: Angelique Tsang
Cost: 390€ – early bird Euro 350€. Accommodation and flights not included.

About the retreat/Workshop: The ‘Golden Shadow’ is a concept derived from Jungian psychology. In contrast to the negative or dark shadow, the golden shadow represents the qualities we value and admire but can only recognise when projected onto a person in the external world. For example, the golden shadow unconsciously carries our worthiness, beauty and ability to be naturally confident. Whatever the golden shadow carries for us, its inherent gift is to be owned by us, lest these gifts that are our own get forgotten and squandered. Mining your ‘Golden Shadow’ allows joyful renewal in the areas that matter most rather than going down the path of self improvement, where we keep identifying with a perceived state of lack. The Golden Shadow teaches us about tuning more into a remembering of who we are already.

Topics covered and explored
: The concepts and typology of Jungian analytical depth psychology, consciousness of archetypes, the Infinite Self, miracles, prosperity consciousness, collective wisdom and Archangel energy. Using the Field of Collective Wisdom to explore what paradigms will be challenged and shifted once we engage a broader perspective and experience of Self and Identity to include the Gold in our shadows, via energy healing techniques, visualization and dynamic meditation. Law of Attraction – deliberate co-creation processes and collective wisdom constellations as well as role-play, ensuring an interactive exploration of the ways in which the Golden Shadow can be invited and “allowed” in to our consciousness.

About the venue: Chandra is located in Ibiza Town and attracts international teachers who teach classes, workshops and events throughout the year.

About the host: Angelique Tsang has been organising workshops, events and informal meet-ups for a community interested in Science and Consciousness in London since 2008. Her dynamic and unique blend of psychology, spirituality and the new sciences with the cultural archetypes found in modern pop-culture such as movies, songs and books makes her work highly interactive, imaginative and playfully joyful.  In her group work she guides participants to consciously tap into their inner wisdom using both a phenomenological approach of systemic constellations work and goal oriented collective wisdom processes. Angelique gently yet firmly assists and supports individuals to uncover and transform their unconscious dynamics or potential, in order to deliberately create success in every dimension of their life.

Angelique’s passion for psychology and human potential has led her on a personal and professional journey from Tax Lawyer to International Head Hunter for Executive Search firms to studying and graduating in Relational Energy Healing, Family Constellations and Organizational Constellations. For over ten years she has been a pre-router Jungian Analyst in training and since 2011 she started training with the Robbins-Madanes Centre for Strategic Intervention.

Who it’s for: Join This Pioneering Experience if:

  • You are ready to shift from an unconscious survival paradigm to a conscious deliberate co-creation paradigm.
  • You have a track record of personal development behind you, but there seems to be something always just out of reach, as if focusing on what does not work and the continuous path of perpetual “self improvement” is proving self defeating.
  • Instead of looking at what is out of sync within you, you now want to look for what is already in sync within you but not yet owned.
  • You are curious or actively reaching for ‘more’ and you see ‘your more’ reflected or projected on to people who you admire and in ‘out of reach’ role-models.
  • You are ready to stop making excuses and you want to realize the potential that is hidden just behind your own safe and comfortable ‘ego’ identity.
  • You want to spend time relaxing in addition to being inspired again;
  • You want to experience your Golden Shadow in a paradigm-shifting joyful and playful way; to reclaim the hidden gems you have disowned; your alchemical gold.
  • You desire to explore this life enriching work with a group of international and conscious people on a beautiful island.

Wellness benefits: An extraordinary daily life where you no longer have to go upstream, or struggle, in creating the life you dream about!

Contact: cheryl@ibizaretreats.com to book your place on this retreat.