Featured retreat space: Buddha House

Set far away from urbanisation, in the hills of northern Ibiza with stunning, panoramic views of the island and its sunsets, Buddha House – the vision of German born, globally trained fasting expert Ilona Pantel – is an oasis of tranquil tropical gardens, a beautiful infinity pool and watchful-eyed Buddhas protecting occupants as they undertake life-changing retreats which purify, renew and refresh the body and soul.

Accommodation is included in the retreat packages offered and the property boasts six divine double rooms plus a quaint wooden cabin, deluxe, modern open plan studio and an exotic Indonesian loft hut. A purpose built Healing Dome is also onsite, hosting wellbeing workshops throughout the year.

Whether you go solo, with your partner or a group of friends, it takes great courage to undertake these programs, but the results speak for themselves, leaving you re-energised, revitalised and rejuvenated. A retreat experience at the supportive haven that is Buddha House Ibiza really is a holiday… from reality!

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