Feel the love… beginning with you!

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Photography by Barbara Di Giacinto

As modern life sets us on swift paths from A-Z and beyond on a daily basis, how often do you do things just because they bring you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside? Whether you’re in a relationship, dating or simply having fun living the single life this Valentine’s Day, remember that feeling the love really begins with showing the love to number one.

Yes, that means you.

To experience that feeling of being fulfilled, happy, alive, euphoric and potentially much more this Valentine’s Day, just as you would give gifts to the one that you love, give yourself a gift. Choose 10 things you need to fill and nourish your heart, so you can then feel the strength and empowerment that flows from within.

Do you like massages, pampering, a day at a spa? Are there certain delicious dishes that set your senses on fire? Or how about a gift of some flowers to beautify your bedroom? For you to create a ‘love temple’ for yourself, think about what you like to surround yourself with, flavours, scents, music?

If you can imagine your lover, or best friend, speaking words that set your heart on fire, what would they be? Would they focus on your caring, compassionate ways, your thoughtfulness, your passion or your generosity? Treat yourself also to the power of these words by saying them to yourself in the mirror. Choose words that feel good to hear, like a massage for the mind, as words, even when unsaid, create vibrations of energy that resonate through us in feelings, emotions and fuel our choices of actions.

Even if just for one day – give yourself this gift of being generous in spirit to yourself.

Pamper yourself with purpose – where attention goes, energy flows so enjoy spreading the love! You’ll notice what you think, feel and project is reflected back to you so you can expect to get more of these good, loving feelings.

Our heart is at our centre – so centre yourself around your feelgood factors, from the inside to the outside. Feel the love, show the love, think and speak with love and compassion and notice the magical differences this makes. Happy Valentine’s Day!