Health & fitness: Summer workouts

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Photography by Ana Lui

Introducing the first in our all-new weekly series of blogs designed to help improve your lifestyle by James Davis, co-owner of Ibiza gym, health club and spa M Wellness plus an all-round guru when it comes to health,  fitness and wellbeing!

Has the high season rolled around too fast leaving you short of time for workouts and wishing you spent that little bit of extra time in the gym over the winter? Never fear, the great thing about getting in shape is that it’s never too late to get started, and the sooner you do, the sooner you see results – get going now and you could have a brand new beach body by the beginning of July!

Being pressured for time is actually the perfect excuse to look at your current routine and mix it up a little. It’s easy to get stuck in an exercise rut, and once you do, not only will you not feel motivated, but your body ceases to respond as it adapts.

The key to a successful longer term program is mixing it up, adding variety and continually forcing your body to adapt. That could be as simple as changing the exercises you’re doing, like swapping running for cycling, to adjusting your sets, reps, weights and tempo of weights, or trying something completely different, like circuit training or aqua spinning.

This summer M Wellness is kicking off the day with early morning 7am classes and winding up with 9pm classes, with a multitude of classes from yoga to bootcamp via aqua spinning on offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new and get your day or night off to a flying start, whilst also shaking up your exercise program and delivering results.

No more excuses! Come see us (we don’t bite!) and get into your summer exercise groove.