Health & fitness: Autumn clean your routine


James Davis, co-owner of Ibiza gym, health club and spa M Wellness gives his tips on getting back into your health and fitness regime after the hectic Ibiza summer…

We’re all familiar with the spring clean, but what about a good autumn clean? It makes great sense to look at your diet and exercise as we head into the cooler months. After the madness of summer a lot of us have more free time to devote to exercising and the cooler weather doesn’t make the idea of working up a sweat quite so unappealing.

Chances are over summer you may have let healthy eating habits slip, as well as those early morning runs that you promised yourself you’d do. For this reason autumn is a great time to clear out, and set your new goals to get you heading towards the Christmas break (yes, we’re already thinking that far ahead!) in a positive frame of mind, looking and feeling great.

First up take a look at your diet. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops it’s tempting to start loading up on those tasty carbs, but you can still get that warm, full feeling without piling into pastas, pies and puddings. A good portion of lean protein at main meals (such as fish or chicken) will help you feel full and you can supplement it with lightly steamed vegetables or roasted sweet potatoes. For breakfast, if it’s cold, porridge is great, if it’s warm, raw oats and yoghurt with some fruit or honey. Top up with raw nuts as snacks and you’ll banish hunger cravings and start to notice a positive difference in your body shape.

One benefit of the end of the hot weather and the party season could be that you might tend to drink less alcohol, and this is a good thing! We all like (or love) an ice cold beer or frosted glass of bubbly, but booze is empty calories, so again, if your drinks consumption drops, it’s going to help your body shape.

With the diet taken care of take up some gentle exercise again. Evenings and morning are great for outdoor running. If you can, get into the gym twice a week to use some weights and get some tone back into those muscles, or think about taking up a new class, which is also a great way to meet new people.

The autumn clean should be all about new starts and kick starting your healthy living regime is a great way to head into winter.