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Have you started thinking about your Christmas present list for Santa yet? A slimmer waist, a new outlook on life, less junk food in your diet? If those (or similar) are some of things that might be on your wish list, don’t dismiss them as silly dreams – they’re all easily within reach and it doesn’t take a fat man in red to help you achieve them, just you.

Before we get properly into the silly season and swamped with parties, family obligations and travel, it’s a good time to reflect on what you might want to change in your life and how you might go about making those changes. After all, soon you’ll be munching on mince pies and drinking too much, so the exercise dodging excuses will be coming thick and fast, but if you can identify what you’d like to achieve next year and start making head roads, then your Christmas blowout can be more guilt free.

January is obviously a great time to start with any new projects, including fitness, but the trouble is, January is still quite a way off and many people hurl themselves into a new diet or workout regime straight off the back of festive excess. That’s called setting yourself up to fail. What if you make a commitment now for your exercise and body goals and start gently easing towards them in the run up to December?

This way you’ll already have a clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to be when January rolls around, and the base level you start from will be that little bit higher than if you leave it.

In truth, this is a great time to start working out and/or adopting healthy eating habits if you’re on the island: many places are closed, there aren’t as many parties (i.e. distractions) and the weather is much more conducive to working up a sweat than at the height of summer. Right now, running through the hills or along the coast is glorious – the island’s showing its greener side, the sea’s often foaming, and there are cool breezes to refresh you.

If you’re struggling with motivation, grab a friend
and you can egg each other on. Training with a partner means you’ll be more likely not to skip those workouts, plus it’s fun to train with other people. Better still, join a class or get a personal trainer to maximise your results and make sure you’re set up for a great Christmas.

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