Health & fitness: Fabulous February


For health clubs and gyms, February is fabulous – we get lots of super keen clients and it’s really great to work with people motivated to move forward. Our Detox is the busiest it’s ever been and it’s a real buzz to help people achieve their goals. In fact the only danger is getting so busy, we don’t get to work out ourselves, a common problem, but ensuring you make time now means that what starts as a bit of an effort becomes a habit, and a healthy habit at that as the year progresses.

Now is the perfect time for casting off the shackles of the old year and the old you, and to start living your life the way you want to (and with a bang!) before summer sneaks up on you. For many people making resolutions is a way to anchor motivation to change for the better, and these often include shaping up, kicking poor eating habits, adopting regular exercise, or all three!

The weather is still sunny (despite one day of light snow fall this week!), so there’s no excuse for not running outside, and while the sea is a trifle cold, it’s really not tooooo bad (take it from someone that swam in January). In fact, if you haven’t fully formed your resolutions yet, how about taking part in a Triathlon? There’s one on Formentera in May and last year it was great fun, plus there was a great atmosphere with the well-earned wine and paella afterwards…

Here in Ibiza we spend much of January lazing around and thinking about what we might do in February, which continues until Carnaval, which throws the final big fiesta our way this weekend. It’s hardly worth hitting the gym if you’ve got to go out and party on Friday, and again on Saturday, oh, and go on then, for a bit more on Sunday too.

That’s great, but personally, I’m all partied out, for this week at least, and it feels like a great time to shake out a new exercise program, make a start on the healthy eating plan and dream of the six-pack to come this summer – this year it shall not escape me!

As always, we’re here to help, so whatever your health, diet or exercise goal in 2012 please drop in to see us at M Wellness and we’ll be happy to help.