Health & fitness: Healthy eating

Health & fitness: Health eating masterclass

So the party season is over, the summer has passed and everyone can now breathe a collective sigh of contentment and relax with their memories of parties past. It’s the perfect time to look to the future and define what your health goals are for the next few months.

Maybe you’re determined to be a dress size smaller by next summer or to compete in a triathlon, or perhaps you just want to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Whatever, autumn is a great time for renewal. We tend to think of spring as the time of rebirth, and this is true, but the seeds are sown now, to germinate over winter, and that’s a great thing to apply to your health goals as well.

We’ve talked a lot about exercise over the summer, and this should be a key part of your plan pushing forward, but as the sun sinks lower in the sky and the season changes, it’s also a great opportunity to get into tune with the earth through the food that you eat, and start a healthy eating plan.

Slimming and detox at M Wellness

A raw fruit and juice detox is a fabulous way to flush out the toxins accumulated over the summer months, re-alkalise your digestive system and lay down the foundations for a winter healthy eating plan. A minimum of three days on raw fruit and juice helps rebalance your system, and for those looking to lose weight as well, extending the detox to five or seven days can have great results. Over the summer we’ve seen people losing between two and six kilos in just a week.

Once you’ve detoxed, you won’t feel like chips or fry-ups, so it is a great way of kick-starting a healthy eating plan and with the arrival of autumn, the produce we have available changes. Sometimes in the modern world with everything available all year round we forget about the role of food in the changing of seasons, but now is the perfect time to adopt a healthy diet and adapt to the food sources traditionally readily available now – think hearty squash soups and stews, halibut and turbot, cauliflower, artichokes and kale.

M Wellness Kitchen

If you’d like to learn more about buying, preparing, cooking and eating healthy seasonal food, you can do so right here in Ibiza. Check out where personal trainer and former Gordon Ramsay trained chef Brian Talbot talks about food, posts recipes and has details of his fabulous Saturday cooking courses, where you’ll go to the market with him to pick produce, prepare your lunch, then relax and enjoy it with wine (organic of course!), all the time learning chef’s tips and tricks.

If you’d like to detox, then please drop us a line, give us a call, or come in to see us at M Wellness.