Health & fitness: How to lose fat

Health & fitness: How to lose fat

Next in our series of blogs designed to help improve your lifestyle by James Davis, co-owner of Ibiza gym, health club and spa M Wellness plus an all-round guru when it comes to health,  fitness and wellbeing!

Want to lose some fat? Who doesn’t! Losing weight can be easy – it’s when it comes to shifting actual fat that things can become difficult. When you diet, you’re limiting your calorie intake and hopefully also altering the proportions of fats, carbs and proteins in your diet to get a balanced intake with the aim of reducing your overall calorie input. More calories out (energy expended) than calories in results in weight loss, unless you go really extreme, when the reverse can happen (but we’ll save that for another day).

That weight though, while undoubtedly fat, is probably also fluids and even muscle mass. So how do you ensure you keep your muscle mass whilst losing fat? Lifting weights helps, as the process of breaking down and repairing muscle your body goes through when you lift weights helps form new muscle. If your diet is good then you’ll see a nice toned shape coming through.

If you want to get really focused on those problem areas though, it’s time to turn to science to help. Sure, a good healthy balanced diet helps you lose weight, as does exercising, but targeting the hips, thighs, tummy (or wherever you perceive your problem area to be) with specific treatments can have dramatic effects.

When we put people on our seven-day detox here at M Wellness, the driving motive is often to lose weight and we get people losing anything from two to six kilos in a week. This can only be done once in a four to six week period though, and we’d never do it for longer than seven days. Using Presso Therapy and Body Sculptor treatments, we’ve had some amazing results. One client recently lost three kilos of just fat in a month on little more than sensible eating, moderate exercise and a course of Presso Therapy and Body Sculptor. That equated to 6cm off their waist, 5cm off the hips and 3cm from each thigh. In one month.

So how’s it work? Presso Therapy boosts the lymphatic system and helps flush toxins, while Body Sculptor utilises magnetic fields to break down fat cells. Combined, they help shift fat big time! Of course, you do still need to eat sensibly, but the results can be fab. So much so, all the M Wellness gym staff are now queuing up for sessions! I’m off to get mine…