Health & fitness: Mixing it up

Health & fitness: Mixing it up James Davis, co-owner of Ibiza gym, health club and spa M Wellness plus an all-round guru when it comes to health,  fitness and wellbeing, gives advice on mixing up your August workout…

It’s the hottest time of the year and the humidity is a killer, so how do you stay motivated to stay in shape when the sun is blazing and the sweat is dripping before you even step out of the door?

Well, it’s tough and there’s no point ducking that fact, but the effort you put into exercising now will be showing by the end of the month, so you’ll be looking your best in September for the closing parties and those final beach sessions.

If you’re losing motivation due to the heat, the partying, or whatever, one good tip is to take a step back, take a look at whatever exercise routine you were following and maybe take August as a ‘holiday’ month where you try something different. If you’ve always lifted heavy weights – go light with high reps, or try aerobic activity. If it’s the relentless heat that’s killing you on your normal outdoor run, slip inside and try some circuits or boxing.

Mixing up your routine is great, as over time your body adapts to any routine you give it, so your these should continually evolve so your body can continue to evolve too, and switching to something completely different for a month definitely pays dividends.

With the weather as hot as it is, swimming is a great thing to get into, or something like yoga where your body is pushed but you stay relatively static. Perhaps you just need to knock down the intensity a gear, ready for a renewed push in September when it’s cooler? Whatever, take a look at your workout (or the one you were doing before you stopped) and figure out what you’d like to try instead, and if you need inspiration, think of that outfit you want to wear for that end of season party and focus on that to keep you going.

Of course if you do need a helping hand, we’re here at M Wellness for advice, we have classes in our indoor pool to keep you cool, and we have some great slimming treatment offers if you really, really can’t face working out!

Health & fitness: Mixing it up