Health & fitness: Motivation!

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Next in our  series of blogs designed to help improve your lifestyle by James Davis, co-owner of Ibiza gym, health club and spa M Wellness plus an all-round guru when it comes to health,  fitness and wellbeing!

Motivation is what gets you going and habit is what keeps you going so the old saying goes, but how do you get motivated when it’s hot, sunny and the beach is beckoning? Well, first of all, get yourself to the gym during a beach break – not even to work out, just to look around…

What I mean by this is go along, during ‘off peak’ time and have a look around. The staff at M Wellness Ibiza are polite, friendly, knowledgeable and there to help. Hitting the gym at peak time can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to the environment, you may feel that during the busy periods that the gym is too loud, full of people and not your idea of fun. That’s fine, come check us out when it’s quiet, relaxing and we can have some more time to chat about your goals.

The first part of the ‘new you’ is over. If you can make it to the gym then you are one step closer to feeling good about yourself! Once you get settled into your new gym schedule you might start to feel better but you want to see results. It’s here people give up and think ‘I will never get thin’ and go right back to their ‘normal’ lives again. But if you’ve gotten this far, you have to stay motivated!

There are many ways of doing this. Firstly write everything down that passes through your lips. Keep this food diary for a week and then bring it into the gym for us to have a look at it for you. We can analyse what you eat and take a body composition to find out how many calories you should be eating in that day and then make adjustments.

Take photos of your meals too. With this we can see where you are going wrong. Just because it’s only a salad doesn’t mean you can eat a massive bowl of it… and what about that dressing?

Keep a workout log that lets you see your results of weights lifted and then where you need to change a routine to confuse the muscle into working just that little bit more.

Weigh yourself every other day. Here at M Wellness Ibiza we have a state of the art Tanita machine that can read everything: muscle, fat and water compositions in kilograms and percentages. Keeping track of your progress is a great way to stay motivated and keep on top.

Finally, reward yourself with a ‘cheat meal’ once a week or buy something nice with the money you’ve saved on alcohol and sweet stuff. That’s positive reinforcement, but once you start looking and feeling better, you won’t need positive reinforcement anyway – looking in the mirror and the way you feel inside is enough.

We are here to help you reach your goals and ambitions. Come down and talk to our trainers and have a free body analysis and consultation… we’re ready when you are!