Health & fitness: Operation bikini


Ok, so we’re still occasionally scraping frost off of our cars in the mornings – yes, even here in Ibiza – and when the wind blows, a chunky cardigan and warm cuppa feel like the order of the day, but there’s no denying summer is just around the corner. It won’t have escaped your notice that the nights are lighter, the sun is coming up earlier, and people are already murmuring about the opening parties. Before you can say ‘Easter Bunny’ the silly season is going to be upon us.

Realistically this means that March is your wake up call month if you want to get yourself in shape for summer. Sure, you could leave it until April, but that only leaves you a month to shed your winter layers and get bikini/ budgie smuggler ready! If you make the commitment to get started now, come May you can be secure in your svelte shape and ready to wear your swimsuit with pride.

No matter what your indulgences were over the winter, two months is enough to get yourself into great shape, and if you need any extra incentive, how about registering for the Formentera Triathlon in early May?

January and February have been insanely busy for us at M Wellness, as people have been flocking in to detox, slim and get whipped into shape by personal trainers. We’re already taking bookings for Fit Camp fitness retreats in April, so now is your chance to come see us and get started on your regime for March. We can get you beach ready whether you want to slim, tone, personal train, detox, or do all of the above.

If you want to shed pounds fast then a detox is a great way to do it, pair it with exercise at least three times a week and you’ll be on the fast track to leaner thighs in no time. Detoxing also helps wean you back onto a healthier eating track. As the days warm up, it’s time to ditch the comfort food and move back towards a lighter summer diet of lean proteins, steamed or raw vegetables and salads. Think grilled dorada on Salinas – after all, it’s not that long until you’ll be sitting there yourself, soaking up the rays, and (hopefully!) looking good.

See you on the beach!