Health & fitness: Shifting fat!

Health & fitness blog: Shifting Fat

Next in our series of blogs designed to help improve your lifestyle by James Davis, co-owner of Ibiza gym, health club and spa M Wellness plus an all-round guru when it comes to health,  fitness and wellbeing!

Yes, I said it – fat! As the temperature soars and another impossibly sleek and sculpted body trots by you on the beach, thoughts can easily turn to those body parts with which we have our own private insecurities, or which we’re less than satisfied with.

Now, good nutrition and a regular exercise programme are going to help you shift unwanted weight, tone up, and look better. For many people though, frustratingly, problem areas remain despite lots of exercise, numerous crunches and ditching bread and alioli completely for the summer (a real sacrifice). The truth is that there are those who are genetically lucky when it comes to keeping slim, for the majority, it’s down to hard work, and abstinence as well (never fun).

Before you get all depressed however, modern technology can also work wonders, and help is at hand for quick, and medium term fixes for problem areas – and they don’t cost a fortune or require going under the surgeon’s knife!

Before we get to the easier ways out to looking good, let’s look again at the diet and exercise part: the simple truth is that if you were to train religiously, count calories, eliminate the majority of complex carbs and trans fats, eat healthily, over a period of time, with perseverance, you could look great – modern athletes and bodybuilders are the proof of this. However, for most of us, especially if we want to have some fun in our lives, this is simply too hard to achieve (though not impossible) and if you want to go for it, come see us and we can talk you through it.

Ah, but the quick fixes I hear you ask… Well, for a lot of men and women the waistline and stomach is problem area: Body Sculpture treatment offers fat loss by breaking down brown fat cells (the stubborn, long term laid down, hard to shift ones) and making them available for the body to use as energy. A session takes an hour, and you can drop a dress size or more in 12 sessions. That’s an hour of lying on your back while the machine does all the work…

Legs and bums are another problem area, particularly for cellulite. A treatment like Body Sculpture actually reduces the appearance of cellulite, but for the ultimate quick fix a Universal Contour Wrap will have you 6 inches slimmer in a single session! This treatment uses warm sea clay and algae to stimulate fat and fluid loss, flush toxins, and tone the skin. M Wellness is the only place in Spain to offer it, the effects last up to a month and right now we’ve got offers on all our slimming treatments at M Wellness.

So what you waiting for? Give us a call and whether you want to train hard, or lie back and relax, we can have you slimmer in a single session.