Health & fitness: Workout time


The nights are drawing in and the weather is cooling off. For many of us that’s an excuse to hunker down indoors with a drink in front of the television, and very nice that is too, but, don’t let less daylight hours in your day and cooler temperatures mean less exercise!

It can be hard to motivate yourself to hit the gym after work once it’s dark – seeing the night fall can just have that effect – but why not look at the other times in the day you could work out?

Mornings are darker too, but they are also cooler and it’s a great time to go for a run or bike ride. The advantage of doing your workout first thing in the morning is that your testosterone levels are generally higher, meaning you’ll get more out of it, and on a practical level, well, you’ve got your exercise for the day over and done with too!

If you’re not working but you’ve got things on like the school run, how about tagging your exercise onto the end of that? Rather than going for a coffee and an oh-so-fattening pastry, how about talking some friends into hitting the gym? If there’s a small group of you you’ll be more motivated not to skip it, you can support each other, and have fun at the same time. Imagine five or six of your mates all doing ‘80s dance aerobics one morning? Once you’ve worked out you’ll feel you’ve earned that coffee and pastry, and the exercise leaves you feeling energised for the day ahead.

The other great time to work out in Ibiza, whether or not you’re working, is siesta time. Surprisingly many of the gyms on the island are quiet at this time, which is great as you can have your pick of the equipment, and (like the pre-pastry workout) exercising before you sit down for your lunch helps build your appetite and makes you feel good about yourself and what you eat.

If water’s your thing but your pool is getting too cold, get to an indoor pool and do some swimming or other exercise in the water, like aqua gym or spinning. It’s a great way to keep in shape and splashing around in the water will help you feel like summer hasn’t really slipped so far away after all… (afraid we can’t help you with a tan though – you’ll just have to fake it!)

Health & fitness: Workout time