Healthy living: Losing my religion


If you live in Ibiza, after the closing parties and the world’s fastest transition from living life in the fast lane to complete tranquilo can leave you feeling a bit fizzled out and lost. Every year this is my trip!

I just found myself unconsciously demolishing an entire tub of Haagen Dazs while ‘trying’ to pick out the crunchy bits and dig to the caramel part! So much for being a health nut… I shouldn’t be allowed to write October Healthy Living blogs! You are completely allowed to call me a fake guru right now.

Because October is a month that without fail makes me commit all kinds of sins!

After closing more or less anything that had to be closed (anyone having a fridge closing party, send me an invite!), emptying plates of sea cucumber salads at Lio, happily sharing bottles of vodka at Ushuaia, uncontrollably dipping my spoon in summer crumbles at El Chiringuito, shamelessly swallowing dead cow (despite the fact I’m vegetarian!) at Pastis, eating chocolate still half asleep after siestas and flirting outrageously with any good looking boy with shapely muscles… can somebody please stop me before I lose my reputation?

It’s OK to get loose now and then. The most important thing is that after you have allowed yourself certain indulgences is to not make them a regular habit, but also not to regret them. At a certain point in life some things just feel right then and there.

If you are monitoring what you are doing, eating or drinking and how it’s making you feel, your decisions about where things go from here are easy to make.


Yes, I had great few weeks ‘intoxicating’ my system with sugars, some alcohol and the occasional not-so-passive cigarette, but now my already clean system is starting to scream for my raw green diet. It was fun while it lasted but do I feel good right now? Not really.

The only reason I’m still allowed to write my health blog is that while partying I was sure to drink my green smoothies, lots of water, take my supplements and get enough sleep.

When you slip and eat foods that are not necessarily good for you or drink very dehydrating drinks like alcohol, it’s important to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs – that means still eating your greens, hydrating your body and supporting your system with good supplements and superfoods.

My friends this month have been the Pure Passion Juice at Passion, super hydrating cucumber, lime and celery juice with added wheatgrass, shots of milk thistle which is a great liver cleanser, ginseng to keep me going, liquid iron to bring me back to life in the morning, Spirulina for all the great green goodness and goji berries to keep wrinkles away! And of course my favourite Bezoya water which I’m fortunate enough to get in glass bottles from our water supplier.

I also love freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice in the morning, which is so refreshing yet much lower in sugar than an orange juice and is also alkaline.


I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming winter period as this is always the time that I personally get more time to prepare my healthy dishes, eat on a regular basis, take my dog for long beach walks, exercise more, stretch more and in general just breathe more! It is also time that I dig my head deep into new health books coming my way, search the web, travel and learn, try out new recipes and discover new superfoods, ingredients and meet people who teach me more in this field of health and wellbeing that I love.

After the success of my Passion magazine and incredible positive feedback and comments from our readers, it is incredibly motivating to keep on exploring and to keep on sharing what I have learned.

And since I’m getting a crazy headache right now from all the sugar in that tub of ice cream I just ate, I’m reminded all over again that is not what you know but what you do. And I should have known better not to eat the whole bloody thing!

But then again, it’s October! I know… lousy excuse!

Photography by Ana Lui