Healthy living: Spring cleaning

Wellbeing blog, spring cleaning

Photography by Ana Lui for Passion Magazine

The next instalment in our all-new healthy living blogs, written by (self-confessed ‘health nut’) Lana Love, owner of Ibiza’s favourite healthy cafe, Passion Cafe.

Ah, the beauty of in Ibiza in full bloom. Flowers and trees bursting with colour everywhere, the striking blue Mediterranean Sea tempting us to dip more than just our toes in and our favourite bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs reopened, shiny and new again after a pre-season spring clean…

Our winter clothes get sent to the back of the wardrobe and our colourful summer ones emerge for their time to shine. My summer wardrobe is so bright, colourwise, puts the Custo boutique to shame! Just like I love colours in my summer clothes, I also love colours on my plate now the season of amazing natural food in abundance is here again, a gift to us all from mother nature.

Wellbeing blog, spring cleaning

Photography by Ana Lui for Passion Magazine

Considering everything around us in Ibiza has been spring cleaned in preparation for that summer glow, it seems only fair to spring clean ourselves too. On the inside! I don’t mean soul searching – we had the quiet winter months for that – rather, it’s time to get our intestinal brooms and give our insides a good sweep out, perk up our immune systems and get that blood circulating.

When summer hits hard, there’s a lot of work to be done and money to be made (to help survive the winter in Ibiza!), we need energy for opening parties, beach parties, lunches on the beach, long lazy breakfasts (if you’re lucky!), dancing and hopefully more love for all!

I believe more love in our lives and more lettuce in our stomachs would save the world!

It’s easy to do a cleanse at this time of year because the choice of fresh fruit and vegetables is fantastic plus the majority of ingredients are quite cheap as they are in season. Go crazy on strawberries!

Drink lots of fresh vegetable juices and just a little of fruit juices (as they are high in sugar), eat large bowls of salads made with leaves, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, fresh herbs, cured olives, sundried tomatoes and spring onions – but skip the cheese, tuna, chicken and eggs and sprinkle them with raw nuts and seeds instead. And of course, drink lots of water flavoured with lemon and ginger, and herbal teas are fantastic too.

Raw blended soups like gazpacho are great if forgo the bread for Brazil nuts which are loaded with much needed selenium. Add superfoods to your diet for ultimate nutrition – things like goyi berries, bee pollen, aloe vera, maca, spirulina, coconut water and butters, raw cacao, hempseeds.

Find a friend to do the cleanse with or even better, involve all the family (if you can). That way, no one will look at you cross-eyed while you are drinking your deliciously healthy (if a bit bizarre looking) green juice!

Wellbeing blog, spring cleaning

Photography by Ana Lui for Passion Magazine

When the temptation to eat out while you are cleansing strikes, try to go to places that serve food and drinks that support your cleanse, rather than sitting somewhere miserably with a bowl of iceberg lettuce while everyone else is tucking into spaghetti.

If you’re doing a liquid cleanse, keep with it for a week, and if you are including solids, try to stick with it for even longer.

If you feel you are too busy, or just don’t know where to start or what to eat and drink, speak to us at Passion Café about our weekly detox boxes. Jam packed with all the nutrients and tools you’ll need for your cleanse, it’s a good way to kickstart healthy eating habits and afterwards you have the knowledge to recreate it yourself any time you feel the need to sweep up all over again.

Cleansing is fantastic as it really gives our bodies a break from working hard to digest all the different kinds of food and drinks we consume these days. It’s like saying to your body ‘I love you and I care for you’. And it’s nice to hear those words, no? Say them to your best two-legged friend. To yourself.

Happy cleansing!

Health blog, spring cleaning

Photography by Ana Lui for Passion Magazine

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