Ibiza life coach: The importance of breath

Ahhhhhhhhhhh exhale… It’s finally autumn and those crazy summer vibrations are at long last chilling out and slowing down. So why don’t you check right now, how your breathing is – where are you feeling it now?

Is it in your chest? Is it in your belly? Is it long and slow and deep? Or are you breathing up at the top of your body? Short and sharp and light? At the same time, try to identify your state of mind. Are there thoughts chattering away or do you feel calm, serene and present?

When you have been running on adrenaline – like we do here in the hectic Ibiza summer – your nervous system becomes over-stimulated, the reptilian part of the brain begins (and continues) firing up the sacral plexus with ‘fight or flight reactions to stimuli. Your life experience may feel frought, fear-based and as if you are under a lot of stress and pressure.

So to release this pressure, breathing deeply and slowly is the simplest way to clear the nervous system and with it, stress-inducing anxieties and fears. When we are running on empty after a long summer of work and fun, taking time to rebalance yourself prevents stress from blowing up into burn out or deepening into depressive moods and unhealthy, self-sabotaging cycles.

It’s time to opt for the natural breath of life. Create space in your body and a feeling of clarity and Ibiza wellness – finally, ‘ahhhhh I have TIME’. A great, simple, breathing exercise, to calm and relax your nervous system and to rebalance and gently re-energise is a daily dose as follows.

1) Create a calm space in your home, where you can darken or soften the lighting. Light candles, incense, burn a soothing essential oil like rose for self-love, sandlewood for grounding or lemongrass to uplift and clear.

2) Lie down on the floor in a comfortable position, bending your knees if you feel any pain in your lower back. Feel your whole body supported by, and on, the floor

3) Relax your ankles open and open your arms up at right-angles on the floor by your sides, gently away, with palms facing up

4) Soften and deepen your breathing, inhaling and exhaling only through the nose, which ensures the breath travels through the back of the nasal passage, to the spinal column which is our nervous-system lightening rod

5) Inhaling for a count of three and exhaling for a count of six, move your hands first to your belly, to breathe deeply into your belly, allowing your breathe to inflate the abdomen while visualising a colour of deep, earthy red

6) Exhaling, allow your whole abdomen to release down, the belly button relaxing naturally towards the spine. Repeat three times

7) Inhaling for a count of three, move your hands to the sides of your ribs, your intercostal muscles, on either side of your diaphragm. Visualise your diaphragm within your rib cage inflating around your lungs like a beautiful, multi-coloured parachute of health giving light

8) Exhaling, allow your whole upper body to release down feeling the shoulder blades soften and relax as you let go. Repeat three times

9) Placing one hand over the other, over the heart space, inhaling deeply into the top of the chest and the upper part of the body, visualise a green light in the middle of the chest, softening and releasing and allow the exhale to allow YOU to soften. Repeat three times.

10) Open your hands again and allow yourself to breath naturally. Embrace and enjoy the difference that you are now feeling.