Ibiza life coaching: Resounding resolutions


Happy new year! Have you ever set your resolutions for the new year and found yourself doing completely the opposite to what you wish to have, be, or achieve?

Ever wondered why this is the case for so many people?

Well, every so often we unconsciously set ourselves up for failure by striving in the WRONG direction, by pointing our intentions (and therefore our attention and energy) towards what we don’t want, rather than what we want.

For example, imagine you created a resolution to stop eating sugar? What do you think about when you read that back to yourself? Sugar by any chance?

The mind deletes the negative particle in any sentence or statement so here are NLP key techniques to help you do it RIGHT. This sets yourself up for the greatest likelihood of success, from the mind and body to your energy, to keep your spirits high and a positive vibe about the resolutions you are making.

1. Create a POSITIVE statement – so rather than ‘stop eating sugar’, try ‘eat a healthy diet that is delicious, nutritious and sugar-free’

2. Ensure your statement is in the PRESENT tense (as if you are experiencing it now), ie: ‘I am eating a healthy diet’. This brings it into your present neuro-physioligical experience.  Notice how you feel differently when you are expressing it in the ‘am’ sense. It literally begins to encode your neural networks that this IS possible, and IS happening now. The mind doesn’t know the different between acting as if…. and actually doing it.

3. Focus your mind, emotions and energy towards the HIGHER purpose of these intentions:  Ask yourself: ‘What benefits will this bring for me?’

4. Explore the greater rewards it brings! This is what gives you the extra OOMPH to say YES to your higher healthy good when the chocolates are being passed around, a very-berry pavlova wafts beneath your nose or a friend gets out a biscuit tin with the afternoon cup-of-tea. How will you be feeling physically, emotionally and energetically when your are enjoying the benefits that this achieving this resolution brings? How will this benefit you in your career, your relationships, your family and social life?

5. Take it day by day! Giving yourself a ‘forever’ statement can feel simply inaccessible and unrealistic. Here in Ibiza ‘poco a poco’ (little by little, or step by step) is the Ibicenco key for creating a sustainable ANYTHING…

And then enjoy the benefits that your resolutions bring!