Ibiza yoga blog: End of season energy

It’s that time of year again. That final push. The season is almost over and people are flocking in droves to this magical island for its legendary closing parties. To experience the euphoria and highs that only Ibiza can offer. That special something that you just ‘feel’, for those who live here long term, and even those who just hop in and out.

But whether you are crawling to the finish line or you are coming to Ibiza with fresh energy to paaar-taay, here is an essential sequence of yoga postures to keep you fully energised and naturally high. Meet the sun salutation…

Try to do this sequence three times to begin with and then increase it to five times when you feel how much energy you are creating! Focus always on your breath. In yoga we call this ‘prana’ – life force energy.

1) Begin in mountain pose
* Arms at sides and feet hip width apart
* Weight even across your feet, roll your shoulders back and down
* Focus on your breath and keep and your posture light and balanced

2) Move to extended mountain pose
* As you inhale, raise your arms up over your head with your palms facing each other
* Extend your spine until you are leaning slight back and your arms are reaching slightly behind you
* Keep your abs engaged to protect your back and hold for one breath. As you exhale, transition to the next posture…

3) Standing forward bend
* Exhale and hinge down from the hips, keeping your spine as long as possible and your abs engaged
* Place your hands on the floor, shins or thighs (whatever is most comfortable) and allow your head to extend down
* Keep your knees soft and relax the back of your neck

4) Modified ‘plank’ pose
* As you exhale, step your feet back one at a time and then bring your knees to the floor
* Take an inhalation here and then as your exhale, lower your body to the floor chin and chest first; keeping your elbows tucked in
* Lastly lower down your hips and legs and straighten your legs to prepare for the next posture

5) Upward dog
* Press the tops of your feet into the floor and inhale up as you straighten your arms. Arms begin by armpits
* Open your chest and slide your shoulder blades down your back
* Your feet and knees stay on the floor. Hold for one breath as you look slightly upward

6) Downward dog
* As you exhale, lift your hips towards the ceiling and extend your spine
* Try to open the back of your knees and allow your heels to melt towards the mat
* Spread your fingers into the mat relax your neck and head
* Stay here for five breaths

7) Child’s pose
* On the fifth exhalation, bend the knees and bring your sitting bones down onto your heels
* Open your knees and rest your forehead down onto the mat (or as far as you can)
* Stay here for a few breaths and relax…
* When you are finished here, roll onto your side and com