Ibiza yoga: A path paved with love

Most of us expel a lot of time and energy – and I mean thinking, talking about and dare I say it… moaning  – about love and ‘the one’. Or lack of love and ‘the one’. And if our outward search fails to deliver our ‘expectations’ of the other person… we become disappointed, disillusioned, unhappy and ultimately the relationship can break down. We suffer, we blame and many of us lose our belief in love.

So why do we spend so long searching the universe for someone more deserving of our love than ourselves? The truth is, we will never find that someone… and you DO need to be able to love yourself fully before you can love someone else.

In a spiritual sense, the first step towards loving ourselves… is going within for that love. That’s when we release the external search and we are at peace with ourselves, and it’s amazing how love flows to us from all directions.

In yoga, we call this ‘divyachakshu’ (divine vision) – and the only way to see love is to look through the eyes of love… easy right?

The good news is that awareness is a huge step. If you read any of yourself in the opening paragraph, then you are already half way there. And some tips:

  • Feed your body good things – nourish it because you love it
  • Give you body a gift of exercise – without judgement or challenge, just because you know it’s good (like Ibiza yoga!)
  • Go for a walk and think only of you! Just you and try to feel love for yourself
  • Allow yourself to see how many of your actions in life are done to please others rather than looking at yourself. Commit to pleasing yourself and actions towards others should be done with purity and love – not resentment. Because you want to!
  • Share your deepest secrets with yourself… voice your fears and be honest. Then accept them and love them…
  • Last one: just go and do something nice for yourself. Yes – right now!

Namaste x