Ibiza life coach: Healthy moderation at Christmas

How do you like to celebrate during the festive season? Do you look forward to that time when you can just switch off the phone, see family and friends, step away from the laptop and just be for a while… or do you secretly dread the endless parties, mistletoe and wine, not to mention having to sit through all those mince pies with undesirable relations?

The season of Christmas cheer is here – it’s official, the Vara de Rey tree lights have been switched on since last weekend – meaning it’s time to set some healthy principles in place to ensure your New Year body is feeling fit for life and your mind is clear (as opposed to fuzzy with headaches). It can be oh-so-easy to keep picking at chocolates and opt for the fourth round of mulled wine, but this year, why not make a commitment to your highest self, to listen to your body and feel what will bring you a longer high?

For the 12 days of Christmas, or the 12 days beforehand (or both – take your pick!), set yourself this holistic wellbeing challenge:

1. Give yourself the gift of greater peace and calm, take time for yourself between social immersions to ensure you exhale whenever you need to and create space and time to be. This ensures excess is more easily tempered and helps you keep more in control of your emotions, allowing you to be prepared in case tempers flare when alcohol-and-end-of-year-induced tensions bubble over.

2. Aim to feel goodwill for all men (and women) and look for (and appreciate) positive aspects in even the most antagonistic people.

3. Focus on gratitude for what has been given, rather than the fact that Christmas jumper is too small and would only have suited you when you were 11!

4. Drink plenty of water between glasses of alcohol.

5. Ensure you continue to exercise, including outdoor walks for plenty of fresh oxygen.

6. Take every other night off, to rest and relax.

7. Indulge in steamy baths full of essential oils such as sandalwood to stay grounded and secure, or lemongrass to lift your mood and clear the air.

8. Step away from challenging family or social situations ( even if you have to excuse yourself for the bathroom) to open a window and gulp some fresh air.

9. Drink dandelion tea in the evenings to help detoxify your liver.

10.  Put a hot water bottle beneath your kidneys and lie flat on your back with your legs up against the wall, or knees bent, calves resting on the sofa, or a chair. Turn your palms towards the sky, close your eyes and relax and breaaaathe…

11. Burn lavender oil to scent your rooms with calm and help you sleep deeply.

12. Remember to give hugs and kisses under the mistletoe (as much as you genuinely can) to spread loving and healing vibes.

Celebration is the key to help us all embrace the higher energy vibrations that are going to be flowing in from the winter solstice on December 21. Help keep that Christmas goodwill flowing with this magical moderation that enables you to remain aware of the shifts happening cosmically… and perhaps with/to you and others around you too.

Remember to send the same goodwill for all men at 11.11 on December 21 to share in the global collective prayers for a healthier and happier world for everyone. Mistletoe and organic wine optional, of course!