Ibiza life coach: Festive feelings

Christmas in Ibiza

Are you making the most of the heart-warming mulled wine in the run up to Christmas time? Or do you dread the booze-laden socialising as your alter-ego goes wild beneath the mistletoe? Do you go giddy amidst Christmas markets, lighting up with sparkling decorations or do you keep it simple and minimal with just a touch of… dare we say it, scrooge?

Some say that Christmas has been turned into an overly commercial, materialistic affair, even during this time of transition, as our world shifts into a new energetic dimension. Perhaps this is the most important time in many of our lives, to really celebrate togetherness, sharing, giving and receiving the many expressions of love and joy that the festive season enables. It is about coming together rather than focusing on differences to celebrate all we have to be grateful for.

Yes, it’s really happening! Not just with the tidal waves of nature and the economic tsunamis, but also with many of you more sensitive souls, who are feeling the rollercoaster within as we experience energetic shifts and upgrades. While the word around the spiritual communities is that this is all for the greater good, these shifts have also been causing fear and many anxieties.

Have you been feeling unusually anxious or uncertain? Have you noticed any old patterns of behaviour rearing their heads? Just go with it and flow with it as much as you can, and try to stay present, focus on the bright lights, the trees, the presents, the smiles, sip the gluhwein around Plaza del Parque and savour that flavour of cloves and orange peel. All of these multi-sensory delicious elements bring you into the moment, where you can feel most at peace, most centred and most real.

Why not share these moments with other like-minded souls? Here in Ibiza we are fortunate to be able to talk with almost every one we meet about the way we feel, in this more open-minded of communities. So do so! And notice how much lighter you feel in every way.

  • Share, laugh and be together
  • Give, receive and appreciate the pleasure
  • Sing, dance and enjoy this time
  • Be gentle with yourself, be good to your friends and loved ones
  • Forgive the ones you no longer love
  • Take plenty of walks amidst beautiful wintry nature where you can release tensions and frustrations and inhale the freshest oxygen

Like ancient communities have done around the world at this time of year, whether following a religious ceremony or following the solstice and the stars… celebration is key.

Then afterwards, settle by the fire with a good book and uplfiting music, or snuggle up with your lover, dog, cat or little one and watch a feel-good movie! This does more for your wellbeing this December than anything else! And remember, amidst all the fun festive times, do take some time and space for yourself to just do nothing. Just be…

Merry Christmas!