Ibiza life coach: Good morning!

Agroturismo Atzaró, Ibiza hotel

How do you wake up in the morning? With an alarm that makes your heart jump? Do you feel fresh, light and positive about the opportunities that lie ahead? Or do you head straight for an injection of caffeine to shoot-into-fast-forward-mode so you can get out-the-house-and-on-the-road?

Waking up is a vital part of our day, yet it is oh-so-easy to assume that it is just one more thing to be done. It is the time of the day when we can best hear ourselves, feel our bodies, connect with ourselves, take some time to say thank you for all the good things in our life before our ‘out-there-life’ has begun.

It is the time in the mornings when we can create a relaxed state in body and mind, when we can save ourselves a huge amount of effort by focusing positively on the day ahead and visualising our appointments, meetings, events going perfectly, which unconsciously creates beliefs that they can.

It is the time in the morning when, with a clearer mind we can take time to indulge in creative writing, go for a beautiful walk amongst nature and breathe in the freshest oxygen.

Creating a morning ritual that allows you to wake slowly gives your mind time to come around to this reality – particularly if you have awoken from a dream – which is great! This is when we are in REM stage of sleep – a perfect time to wake in a sleep cycle. If you wake up feeling disoriented, just go back to sleep again if you can and allow your sleep cycle to complete.

Where possible, try to create a morning ritual that helps you enjoy one and a half hours or more in the morning before you step out the door.

* Wake up with the light or invest in a light that wakes you up instead of a traditional alarm.

Especially now that the summer is easing into Autumn, light is vital for revitalising ourselves and is clinically proven to enhance our wellbeing when we begin with light – especially as mornings become dark and evenings close in.

* Choose a first drink that hydrates your system

Swap coffee for green tea with lemon and honey or even better, fresh ginger or mint with freshly squeezed lemon – a natural mood enhancer and uplifter, just the end of a lemon does amazing things to the mind!

* Sit quietly before interacting with others

Taking morning time to check-in with yourself, listen to your body.

* Notice any areas of pain, tension or stiffness

Consult our yoga gurus for key exercises to release or, even easier sit down and BREATHE for five long, deep breaths.

*Focus the breath on areas you want to relax and release

This floods that area with oxygen – and oxygetated blood, which creates space amidst tight tissues as the cells expand and tension is releases.

* Choose your ‘state’ for the day – how do you want to be feeling?

Now imagine having those feelings now. Simply by focusing your attention on these feelings, ‘I act therefore I am’ and you step into your desired state, of positive, calm, confident, relaxed… whatever it is that pre-paves your way.

* Sit and visualise your day ahead unfolding the perfect way

Seeing what you are seeing, hearing what you are hearing and feeling what you are feeling – notice how much more relaxed this enables you to feel.

* Find a feel-good book – or write and find some positive affirmations that feel good to read (and open your mind at the same time)

I love ‘The Daily Guru that pops into my inbox first thing in the morning and always seems to be absolutely on the ball.

* Go outside into nature before you begin work

Look up at the sky, beyond buildings, beyond city life and remind yourself of the limitless possibilities that, really, actually DO exist today!

* Find music for your ipod

To put on for any commuting, so you can stay in a positive-feeling world, and allow your inner-smile to radiate.

* Choose a healthy breakfast

Smoothie, muesli, porridge, with fruit and nuts and seeds – this gets your metabolism going and prevents mid-morning slumps or mid-morning cravings.

* Give thanks! For your breakfast, for the many positive blessings in your life, for how successful your business may be, your healthy, harmonious family – for the positive things you can find and notice how, even if your next step is an hour-long commute, this naturally ups your feel-good factor to embrace a wonderful day.