Ibiza life coach: Heart & mind balance


How are your energy levels right now? Are you still on an autumnal roll or have you overdone it, professionally, socially or otherwise? Have you been doing so much of what you love that the rest of your life needs quite a lot of time, love and attention devoted to it?

Intentionally living with passion is essential for residing and working here in Ibiza. Life here takes energy, it takes focus, it takes a big sense of humour. It takes massive amounts of resourcefulness and a huge amount of stamina amidst the crazy peak summer season.

Most of all, to continue to ‘do the season’ year after year you must feel passionate about your purpose to keep it real and so that your energy continues to flow.

So what is your purpose? Is it simply to live here in Ibiza (a dream-come-true in itself for many people)? Is it to create the lifestyle of your dreams for you and for your family? Are you feeling creative inspiration to develop a thriving business that benefits your clients and also gives back to the island?

Given the capricious nature of our beautiful white isle where ANYTHING can happen (and quite frequently does) you need to LOVE WHAT YOU DO enough that you also have a fully flexible, bounce-back ability to fall off the horse and get back on again.

Yet there must be enough style in your life that you can enjoy life itself, which enables you to unplug from your purpose, to be the different parts of yourself, to love, to make love, to walk in nature, to go out and be with friends, to read a novel or to immerse yourself in a yoga practice.

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and leading personal and professional development guru Mark Victor Hanson has one day off each week that is completely without plans. This is his vital life force day.

He colours it in blue in the diary. (Of course you may choose the colour that works for you!) And on this revitalising yourself day, only do what YOU really want to do (or not do).

So that you can remain fuelled with inspiration:

  • Take time in your home environment
  • Take time to connect with your most loved ones
  • Make a date with yourself (without anybody else)
  • Immerse yourself in mother nature – a long beach walk or hike through the pines
  • Treat yourself to something special – from a must-see movie to a massage
  • Make a date with your lover to nurture your relationship
  • Take time with your children to play with them and enjoy their bubbling energy
  • Take time to simply be yourself with friends and family

There is an art to living and balancing your passions in life – the more we love to do something, the easier it is to do too much of it!

So first ensure that you keep sufficient time for your SELF – your friends and family. This enables you to live your life enough to feel JOY, to enjoy what you are doing, to live your life successfully, in health, happiness and harmony.

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Photography by Ana Lui