Ibiza life coach: Living life with passion


Are you passionate about the work you are doing? About the way you are living your life? Do you bounce out of bed every morning, with a zest for life, switched on by your goals? Are you infused with ideas that you simply can’t wait to share with the world? Are your energy levels buoyant, are you positive in heart and mind, in tune with your co-workers, your family, your friends, switched on and inspired?

Or…  not?

Here in Ibiza, especially at the end of the season, some of us can feel (to put it nicely) rather burned out. So what better time to come back to zero – to reflect on what makes us really truly happy in our hearts, so we can enjoy the life-juice that makes us want to sing our passions out loud?

Living out our passions and following our dreams takes guts, creativity, flexibility, the will to work, often way harder than we have ever worked for anyone before. The risks may be greater, the way, the how to’s initially unclear… Yet the journey and results are incredibly rewarding.

Passion: Let’s break this wonderful word down.

Pass I on: You are literally, passing on the best of yourself when you are working with passion, creatively expressing yourself with passion, making love… indeed, with passion.

Pass ION: We are all made up of vibrating particles of energy. When you are doing what you are passionate about, you are what is commonly known as in alignment with your purpose. Your energy is flowing effortlessly, you feel so inspired that motivation does not even come into it. You are focused and fuelled with a natural flow of feel-good energy that radiates from every pore.

So how do you uncover YOUR passions? And live them, from the boardroom to the bedroom and beyond?

Richard Branson, Martin Luther King, Madonna, the majority of the world’s greatest artists, DJs, businessmen, performers, painters and designers among others all have followed their passions and dared to pursue their dreams. For themselves and, very often for a higher purpose and a greater good too.

So where do you begin? By uncovering what it is that truly makes your HEART sing and enjoying the ripples of magic this creates for your world around you!

  • Find a quiet place and time, when you can unplug fully from the have to’s of daily life and retreat. Holidays are perfect when you can find you-space
  • Switch off any distractions, beeps and phones
  • Take time to get comfortable, put on soft music or listen to the wind in the trees if outside
  • Take five deep breaths, inhaling the air to oxygenate your body and quiet your mind
  • Draw a heart on a peace of paper and bring one hand onto your heart, breath into your heart-space, feel yourself and feel your body
  • Imagine as if anything and everything is possible, just as if you are a six-year old child watching Walt Disney movies
  • Now allow yourself to stay in this imaginary zone… let your imagination run wild with all the things that make your heart sing and write about it

Allow your unconscious mind to speak by allowing your writing to flow. These things do not have to be work-related NOR do they have to be financially incredible investments.  The important thing is that you feel as turned on by these ideas in as many romantic, sensual ways as you would a fabulous holiday romance.  Allow them to be as colourful, bright and beautiful as you wish – the brighter the better…

Just like the moguls and icons we aspire to, these ideas, these feeling-led wishes can then be sculpted and crafted to feel realistic too. But first you need to colour and paint and allow your creative genius to speak from your heart. Because this is the source of your inner-truth, your inspiration.

The benefits of following this inner-led-path?  Unlike short-term rewards or perfectly-mapped-out-timelines, the most beautiful jewels, the real gold, is there for those that do, and not just at the end of the rainbow; when you are consciously daring to do what you dream – with awareness – just like  in Paulo Coehlo’s famous book, The Alchemist, you actually do find that the treasures are in the journey too.

Dare to live your dreams and get your life glowing… call Larah at Radiance Life & Wellness Coaching on 670 248 292 or glow@radiancelifecoaching.org

Photography by Ana Lui