Ibiza life coach: New Year, new intentions

Sunset Ashram, Ibiza Beach Restaurant

Are you feeling ready to embrace 2012 and the New Year ahead as we bid farewell to 2011? Do you consciously set out goals and intentions for the year ahead? What have you enjoyed most this past year? Which memories are you cherishing so much you would love to repeat them, and enjoy the experiences with even more appreciation?

2012 is fast arriving and Janus, the God after which January is named, causes us to look back to reflect and let go; to receive learnings and look forward for what we want to create and experience in the year ahead.

When we live our lives from a perspective of joy, en-joy-ing each moment, we consciously create the health, wealth and happiness we deserve. We subconsciously send out wishes from our hearts rather than worries from our heads. So this New Year, rather than create resolutions that deny us things that we have been lifting us up (even in toxic, or unnatural ways), how about flipping discipline around to a cup-full approach?

Make the statements positively expressed and in the present tense, as powerful affirmations, using I AM for what you DO want to be doing, eating, drinking, feeling and thinking instead of I WILL.

I AM choosing to do what feels good, to follow my heart when making decisions, to listen to my voice, rather than to what others say and think I ought to feel, be and do.

I AM trusting that when I am honouring my deepest dreams, when I am living my inner-most truth, I am also helping others to do the same.

I AM giving my body and mind a cleanse this January, to boost my energy, clarity and motivation for an amazing year ahead.

How is this method more effective? Because the mind is maleable, suggestive and receives the information you give it whilst deleting any negatives. Notice what happens when you say ‘don’t think about a cigarette, don’t drink another glass of wine, don’t eat sugar or chocolate for 30 days?

What are you thinking about now? Wine, sugar, chocolate and cigarettes by any chance? Indeed!

Without deleting the ‘don’t’, the internal picture, memories, sensory images and even the associated feelings all come back. Fast. Hence habits can be nearly impossible to break when we are denying ourselves the associated pleasures because the mind focuses purely on what we are denying!

Instead, replace this inner picture with something like, ‘I am enjoying delicious healthy smoothies, walks on the beach, morning yoga, fresh air and oxygen and a clear mind, happy thoughts and positive vibes as I inhale more deeply and breathe more easily and feel fitter and lighter and healthier every day.’ See the difference?

Focus only on what you want your mind and body to think about, ingest, digest and process. This is the law of attraction in action. What you think about, you become, hence the power of the statement ‘I am’ when setting your goals, wishes and intentions.

Clean up your internal dialogue. Speak to yourself with words you enjoy using, that feel good, that clearly and specifically state what you want to attract into your reality. This practice and discipline is a delicious habit to begin the year with – it can and will consciously shape 2012 to be your healthiest, happiest, wealthiest and most en-JOY-able year yet!