Ibiza life coach: Silence is golden

Do you often find yourself speaking just to fill the space or because silence feels uncomfortable to you? Or do you speak because you enjoy group interactions very much thank you, and even (be honest with yourself here!) because you enjoy the attention too? Do you feel more alive when you are being included and recognised?

Pratyahara – withdrawal of the senses – is one of the eight limbs of yoga.

As we withdraw the sound of our spoken words, for our minds and our environments, we encounter a blissful space within. It’s a spiritual thing… And it’s a personal thing. It is in this silent space that we can hear our body’s wisdom, inner-guidance and intuition.

This is also a very practical tool for stemming the leaking of energy. When we speak, we give out a huge amount of energy. We engage in an external stimulation that draws on our concentration, our mental energy and also triggers emotional responses too. Doing this diminishes our ability to listen to our ‘selves’ and our ‘truth’ within. If any or all of the above are true, transforming this speaking habit could bring a far greater sense of peace, contentment and wellbeing than all of the above benefits do.

Speaking aloud can become an ongoing expression of the inner workings of our minds. An unconscious habit which encourages mind chatter to continue, even though we switch off the self judgment and inner critique that impairs our ability to love one’s self, depleting our sense of wholeness not to mention our mental and physical wellbeing.

When others around us are talking a lot, we can still choose to find peace within. Like the calm within a cyclone of social whirlwinds, this enables our energy to flow easily. So how do we manage to say less, without feeling (or appearing) rude?

Become conscious of how much you are speaking, by practicing a form of Pratyahara with these three checkpoints:

  1. Explore and experiment with a ‘less is more’ talking rule and enjoy the space in the conversations that this offers
  2. Play with saying only things you truly feel are important and beneficial for you and others
  3. Test the motives behind your talk: ask yourself, ‘Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?’

Even amidst the craziness of city living (or a hectic island summer life), you can enjoy this opportunity to explore the bliss of a more silent life, especially within.

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