Life coach: Spring clean your lifestyle

Ibiza life coach: Springclean your lifestyle

Do you begin each week feeling excited about what it holds in store? Do you feel full of new spring energy and yet, not sure what lies around the corner? Would you like to make the most of the season of new beginnings – yes, we mean springtime – in a lovely, sustainable way?

Spring Equinox is on its way, on March 20 to be precise. It’s a celebration of new life; sacred to dawn, youth, the morning star and celebrating new beginnings Everywhere, fields are full of gorgeous flowers and the sun is higher in the sky, warming our bones and igniting our inner-smile. New energies are arising and with them the ‘full batteries’ feeling that enables us to gallop forth to give time and energy to our interests and our projects.

Yes, spring is the perfect time to enable our creative seedlings to blossom, and it’s the perfect time for clearing out the closets, both physically and mentally. Life is alive and ready for your physical action!

To ensure you can pour your passions into healthy, happy and successful creations, take time out first to create a healthy lifestyle strategy. 

  • Take 15 minutes (and go on, pour yourself a refreshing cup of tea while you’re there!)
  • Take a piece of white paper and at least seven different coloured pens
  • Draw a heart in the middle and write your name in it
  • Around your name, and ideally, within the heart, write down your ‘water and sunshine – those activities or ways of relaxing that keep you glowing, that rejuvenate and nourish your energies, such as yoga, singing, music, reading, lying in the bath, walks in nature – it’s up to you.
  • Then create ‘veins’ from the heart, one for each project, or area of your life that you want or need to dedicate time to. For example, a special project or creative enterprise you are passionate about; our primary work or income stream (and it may be that 1 = 2 which is great!); quality time with your loved one or family; health and wellness such as gym, running, yoga, cycling, friends and social time and housework, gardening and so on
  • Dedicate a colour to each area and then write by each one: (a) your goal or intention beginning with the powerful affirmation ‘I AM’ – I am managing 10 amazing clients who really appreciate my creative offering and (b) the number of hours you ideally want to dedicate to each area to be most effective. And ask yourself, when is the best time and day to do it? When can you enjoy it the most? When can you give it your best energy?

Then, to give your week give your week the ideal energy-structure, take a one-week snapshot – you can even print it off from your computer’s calendar – mapping out your life-veins in the different colours, ensuring you begin and end with your heart nourishment time. This is the life-source that feeds everything else – when you are balanced within, your energy flows freely. Stress and tension is minimised and you can enjoy being your best in everything you do.